Play bingo on your next road trip

I love traveling, exploring new places, trying out different cuisines, understanding different cultures – it’s a part of my life. I guess solo travellings are the best perhaps. At times when boredom creeps in, here’s what I do:

  1. Listen to Music: I love music, listening to different genres : from reggae to trance, music helps me take my mind off a lot of things. They say music affects our brain and body. Touche! One of my family doctors also suggested me to listen to slow and soft music. So that’s something I do when travelling alone. It’s like I’m never truly alone.
  1. Read books: Though I don’t read much, but I would say that reading books especially while travelling has its own benefits. I am religious so I ensure to carry a bible along wherever I go. Fills my mind and body with a lot of positivity and good energy.
  1. Photography: Photography can be fun. Every time I visit a new place, I make sure not to miss out capturing memories. Apart from this, photography also allows me to share and communicate. They make me feel like an artist and has an innate power to move beings. So next time you travel somewhere, make sure you carry your camera along. You needn’t spend a bomb on an expensive DSLR. Even a simple digital camera can help capture beautiful images.
  1. Play bingo on smartphone: This is one of my favorite leisure activities. I play bingo on my smartphone while travelling. Bingo is an incredibly popular game played since 1500s and today with the advent of technology bingo can be played on mobile devices as well irrespective of where you are.

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So friends even you can try these things while traveling. I bet there will never be a moment of boredom.

Dreamy and Tranquil Seco Island

The waves slowly buried my feet on the fine white sand of the island. I chanced upon the varying colors of the horizon in front of me. The heavens, grey and thundering with all of its might, the cerulean blue sea blending with the sparkling turquoise hue, and the cotton-like white clouds floating above me were my view into reverie. Read more →

Whale Shark’s Acquaintance

My snorkeling gear was in place and my life jacket was securely tightened before I had the go signal to jump onto the water. That very moment, I was hesitant to take that chance as I saw their dorsal fins rise from the surface. Read more →

Ascent to Mt. Polis

My whole body was trembling as I gently sat down on a sturdy cliff, overlooking three major towns in Mountain Province. The thick white clouds hovering over the majestic Mt. Pulag from afar, the curving road leading to Sagada slowly fading away as the fog engulfs it, the rice terraces below me that changes hue every time the sun penetrates the stratosphere. That heart-stopping view at the summit of Mt. Polis, dangling my feet at 1837 meters above sea level, struck me wordless. Read more →

Apo Island: Swimming with Giant Sea Turtles

Beneath the lofty waves across Apo Island, I was rekindled in a world where you hear nothing but the symphony of ebbing waters. Looking down on the tranquil aqua meadows of the deep, there was not a single turtle in sight. I drifted away, listening to the sound of my own breathing, adoring the changing hues of the sea. Read more →

Authentic Cultural Immersion

It was an early morning walk along the small and somehow confusing pathways of the local community in Bauko, Mountain Province when I marveled upon the silhouette of three men carrying their gimata1 atop a hill. The sun was slowly rising that moment, casting a dark shadow outlining the masculine form of these men against the indigo sky. Read more →

Boracay Summer Playground

“The waves curl right towards the white, sandy, shore and a young, chubby girl, jumps over the large current – beaming her glorious smile to the passing crowd. She scoops a handful of powdery sand, dabbles a bit of water to form a ball, and just when her brother came aclose, she docks.” Read more →

Nostalgic Syndrome of Travel

She is kneeling down on the edge of the pew, bowing her head and clasping her hands tightly as the bells resonate inside the holy temple. Her white veil dangles on the side of her face, concealing her eyes, allowing a ray of sunlight to touch her cheeks. Slowly, she strokes her deformed left arm, looking forlorn. She gradually lifts her chin, makes the sign of the cross, and gently, she pulls herself back to the wooden bench seat. Read more →

Strangers in a Journey to Taal Volcano

My eyes were glued to the aqua emerald stillness of the lake. Feathery white clouds sailed through the clear blue sky, softening the rays of the sun touching my cheeks. On a beautiful morning atop the crater of the world’s smallest active volcano, I was sitting on a rust-colored cliff, adoring the magnificence of such a tiny yet powerful wonder. Read more →

Finding Yourself at the Manjuyod White Sandbar Stretch

Sitting quietly at the back of the boat, I laid a little with my arms crossed behind my head. My eyes were fixed on the blue waters of Tañon Strait, awaiting for more dolphins to greet me on that day. It was around 8 o’clock and I guess they’re all done with their morning show. I closed my eyes for a brief moment – listening intently to the growling sound of boat’s motor, the whistling wind, and the muffled conversations from my friends on the other end. Read more →