PTB’s 2012 Year-End Blog Carnival: The Year We Traveled Like it’s The End of The World!!!

Aside from the hysteria generated by the popular Mayan Calendar’s prophecy that the world will end during (December 21, 2012), there were other known and “unknown” theories as well. Take for example the Winter Solstice, or the Toutatis Asteroid that was scheduled to hit Earth on the same day, or Terence McKenna’s prediction in 1992 regarding the “Time Wave Zero” theory that the Earth will be in oblivion on 12.21.12, or that epic “rescheduling” of the apocalyptic end of our existence on September 3, 2015 because of an error in the doomsday countdown.

Guess what? Neither one succeeded. (Insert evil sarcastic laugh here) ๐Ÿ™‚ Those guilty souls who have packed their emergency kits, prayed all week for salvation, stashed a lifetime supply of food, and dug a tunnel under their homes for safety believed that on Judgment Day… the entire humanity will vanish in a single BOOM… Those guilty souls who were in complete, insane, panic…

And for all those who were not b*tching about the worldwide wipe-out phenomenon, these busy travelers too have their own stories to tell…

Nathalie Penados of My Wandering Soles

“I wouldn’t mind coming back each year if time and resources permits. Yes, I’m in love with Burma!” 1_Nathalie_final

It was certainly a blissful 2012 for Nathalie for she made use of the long weekends of the year to travel around so many incredible destinations. From Siquijor with the unforgettable 6.9 quake last February in Visayas, to her Bucas Grande, Tacloban, and Biliran visit, to Surigao del Sur’s Tinuy-an Falls and Enchanted River, Davao and South Cotabato sojourns, to Bacolod, up to her frolicks outside the country in Myanmar and Kuala Lumpur. No travel is complete without the company of new friends. Of course, her year-end wandering is capped off with so many colorful memories. Not bad for a life well-spent! Read Her Story…

Ian Dela Peรฑa of Brown Man Trips

“This year was an unexpected year of blessings.” 2_ian_final Despite the people of the world anxiously waiting for the end, Ian was busy hopping through several destinations. He bonded with the other travel bloggers in an electricity-less place in Zambales, trekked to the mouth of Mt. Pinatubo, hiked through the mountains of Ifugao, went of sponsored trips, witnessed the Hot-air balloon festival, traveled abroad in Taiwan, visited Pundaquit, and waitedย for 10 hoursย to see the Black Nazarene. Even though some of his trips were cancelled due to work, he’d still continue to make more amazing milestones…ย end of the world or not! Read His Story…

Catharine Iblan of Seeking Felicity

“It was a pretty busy year full of wonderful sights and amazing experiences.” 3_catherine_final Catherine’s most amazing gift in 2012 was relocating to United Kingdom and living in London. Not minding the “coming to an end” of the world, she hopped on to continue to reach her dreams: France, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Spain, Austria, Prague, (where she was definitely not prepared for the cold, rainy weather), Monaco, ย and Italy – her most favorite in Europe. ย Wrapping up her year of fast-heart-beating adventures in countries across the globe was her stop to Rome when she attended the canonization of Pedro Calungsod (Philippines’ second saint). Let’s hope for more 2013 travel tales from this modern-day “Dora.” Read Her Story…

Carlo Dela Cruz of Visa-free World

“It has been a very fruitful year for me despite of some plans that did not push through, every little moment that happened can be warmly jotted down to my memory lane.” 4_Carlo_final His year in 3 minutes… Carlo crammed his 2012 with a 10kg bag, a lot of guts, self trust, and hunger for adventures. Ticking-off his to-do-list before dying, he accomplished 5 out of 50… and still have ample amounts of time to complete it since the 12.21.12 insanity passed. ย Singapore to Cambodia to Malaysia to Indonesia to Thailand to Vietnam to Philippines! Carlo never failed to strike glorious poses from everywhere he went. He had one fantastic year! Read His Story…

Mervin of Pinoy Adventurista

“I hope to inspire more people to live their dreams, to travel and find their own adventure of a lifetime!” 5_pinoyadventurista_final If the entire globe was busy collecting canned goods to sustain life up to 2098, Mervin was practically collecting provinces of the Philippines this year. 51, 52, 53… his count never stops: Name the provinces from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, and I’m sure he has visited them… and revisited his all-time favorites too. The whole 12 months intended for the apocalypse “survival” he spent joyfully frolicking all around the country – from lowlands to highlands. Before 2013, he’s now at his 78th province… 2 more to go! Read His Story…

Mary Solio of The World is a Book

“2012 was a year of first-time experiences and a lifetime of memories โ€“ eating unusual food, zip lining, snorkeling, cave tubing and exploring new regions and countries.” 6_Mary_final Enough said, Mary had a fantabulous year with her family – embarking on a Carribean Cruise across so many countries that I am still desperately dreaming of: Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Iceland, USA, Belize (*shoots head* I want it so bad lol) – dot dot dot… Witnessing the Canyonlands “beautiful” National Parks, dipping in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon, exploring one of the Americaโ€™s largest cave system on an inflatable tube, day tripping in Malmo were just some of the highlights of her 2012 trip… Read Her Story…

James Betia of Journeying James

“2012 has been a life-changing year for me, my life journey has been truly enriched by lots of experiences that would have happened if I stayed in the comforts of my house.” 7_journeyingjames_final He witnessed a rescued turtle lay 156 eggs under his hammock. He swam with Bicolandia’s whalesharks. He became aย Big Brother to the Victims of Typhoon Sendong. He was interviewed by three largest TV networks in the country. He helped a school to have a library. He was featured in magazines, newspapers, etc. etc. etc. He [insert anything extraordinary here]. Darn he’s just oozing with awesomeness! James’ experiences were indeed life-changing this year and the only thing that we could predict in the future is him backpacking around the globe “the cheapest way possible.” Cheers to the man who circled the whole Philippines in 100 days! Read His Story…

Riz Baldivia of Lamyerda

“Iโ€™m a little bit sad that I only ticked off a few bucket list compare to last year nevertheless this year gave me an opportunity to work in Malaysia…ย 2012 was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!” 8_riz_final It was astonishingly a good year for Riz. From new beginnings which started with scars and bruises, it all paid off when she spent a day in Mt. Isarog. Destination after destination came Hongkong, Macau, Palawan, Mt. Pinatubo, Malaysia, Penang, Melaka, Japanese Village and the list continues… Her year was filled with canopy walks, temples, spectacular bridges, mosques, beaches, caves, lakes… you name it! Her numerous escapes in chasing her dreams even led her to wear a pink kimono for the first time… Now that’s living the life! Read Her Story…

Mhe Anne Ojeda of My Comings and Goings

“…the experiences I will never forget!” 9_mehanne_final This year, Mhe was flying around Earth (not checking for mete0rs or asteroids that would impact us), visiting North America, Europe, Philippines, Singapore, New Zealand, Indonesia and other pinned cities, provinces, and continents in her collection of places. She started her year witnessing the New Year’s Eve Ball Dropping in New York, and ended 2012 with an unforgettable roadtrip around Batam, Indonesia. Her entire year was jam-packed and at the same time flawless. Read Her Story…

Che Gurrobat of Backpacking Pilipinas

“This is by far my most challenging year yet, but I reckon it also has been the year that had taught me so much about life.” 10_che_final One amazing travel year has passed for Che. No doubt sheย stepped into three countries and visited 23 provinces in 2012 alone. End of the world is no hindrance to her mainly because… her travel schedule was booked with planned trips and of course, the spontaneous trips that are hard to resist. Visiting temples and churches, beaches with differently colored sand,ย whale sharks, sea turtles, manta rays, sunrise and sunsets, and then some – were all her memories of an extreme year. And even if there are a lot of lessons learned in that mere 365 days, she surely had some bitter-sweet ones. Read Her Story…

CA de Ramos of Adventurous Feet

“Exploring places is one thing in life I wouldn’t get tired of doing.” 11_CA_final Outside the country or within, CA doesn’t care about the world’s “dead” line. Born with “adventurous feet” that were itching for travel destinations, her 2012 was filled with heaps of significant life experiences… Singapore, Puerto Galera, Thailand, Pasay, Boracay, Bataan, Siquijor, Cebu, fireworks, waterfalls, beaches, friends, fire-dancing, caves, food-tripping – interchangeably, these places and activities spell only one thing: She is truly kinesthetic! In every photo she took, in every place she’s been, her beaming smile narrates the story of her year… Most definitely in her watch, the world will never end! Read Her Story…

L.A. Cabildo of Discount Travel Blogger

“2012 is the year where I decided to embark on the biggest adventure of life, it is the quest of beginning my life without borders.” 12_lacabildo_finale Her year of adventures never ceased. While you were cashing in for tickets to China to be saved by the government’s modern arcs, she was pre-occupied with surfing… in Bali! All the more extreme-level activities she endured: Zip Lining,ย Rappellingย  Free Falling, Diving! It has been a year filled with Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, Davao, Sagada, and Indonesia for her! Is that enough before the world ends? Most definitely not! The adventure stories continue… Read Her Story…

Joana Jane Liwag of The Backpack Chronicles

“As cheesy as it sounds, sometimes itโ€™s really the people you travel with that makes the journey more memorable. ” 13_joana_final She marveled at the night sky veiled with thousands of twinkling stars and bathe in the rough waters of Capones… bummed in a secluded beach in Iloilo… spent only a day in Macau… embarked on a summer escape in Batangas… indulged herself with seafoods… swam with the whalesharks… (blah blah blahs of amazing stuff). That’s Joana! Her best year, her year of perpetual summer, her year of blessings and colorful adventures… Yep. Travel frenzy coz it’s not the end of the world! Read Her Story…

Jerome Baluyut of Balintataw

“It has been an enjoyable 2012 for me, received a lot of blessings and opportunities this year actually.” 14_jerome_final He met the medicine man “Ketut” – a character in the book “Eat. Pray. Love.” while in Bali, had an extreme gastronomic food-tripping in Cebu, climbed not one, not two but four mountains in total, had free trips in numerous, elegant, places, country-hopped in Malaysia and Indonesia, busied himself with his radio guesting, swam with the gentle giants/whale shark – ย highlighted Jerome’s extravagant twenty-o- twelve. No signs nor symptoms of the Mayan Calendar Freak-a-thon in this man’s year-round travels. Read His Story…

Mimai Cabugnason of Sharkmaine

“The year is almost ending and looking back to what we’ve had for the past 360 days, it was all awesome and wonderful. Thank you for the great memories and the adventures! Cheers to you amazing 2012!” 15_mimai_final Mimai filled her year with audacity! Her colorful and impressive snapshots give us a glimpse of how she spent 12 amazing months of travel. Sinulog Festival, sandboarding, whalesharks, spelunking, Sagada, Hongkong, Baguio, Palawan, scorpions, baby croc, and aeta communities – one heck of a year, I must say. Her highlights are truly exceptional – same is true with the highlights on her hair (just saying… can’t help myself) lol. A year drenched with colorful memories, colorful experiences, and colorful hair… Mimai will always be that unique, “shark out of the water” gal. EOTW is so yesterday for her! Read Her Story…

Ephraim Arriesgado of The Adventist Adventurer

“2012 has been a fruitful and outstanding year for me.” 16_ephraim_final Ephraim’sย 2012 was packed with travels and ministry at his home and abroad. Most of his adventures this year were in Cebu (where he traveled with James mentioned here), Biliran, Leyte, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Pampanga, Laguna, Cavite, and yes, Manila. From adventure trips, to dives, to waterfalls, to several ministries, Ephraim’s determination to travel knocks out the thought of the world’s scheduled doom… One word he used to describe his over-all experience? AWESOME! Now that Judgment Day is not in this year, Ephraim uncovers his true travel-spirited nature in his year-end travel memories… Read His Story…

Regin Reyno of Regin’s Travels

“This year has been a year full of travels. And looking back, I can’t help but thank God and marvel at His goodness.” 17_regin_final His southern summer adventure in Krabi, Thailand… His all-expenses paid trip in Samut Songkrham… His Manila historical tour… sunrise in Angkor Wat, weekend in Jakarta, mission-driven backpacking trips, Pattaya adventures, Burma, Banaue… HIS SPECTACULAR YEAR full of plane rides, local transportation, and Passport stamps. No wonder this guy is everywhere in Southeast Asia and the world… and beyond! His life in 2012 is juxtaposed with good vibes, great friends, promising ministry, and possible dreams. Mayan Calendar? *gasp* You don’t say?! haha Read His Story…

Kaiye Pallarco and Endette Mendoza of The Two Broke Girls

“This year was ourย Dora, The Explorerย Year; itโ€™s because 2012 has given us opportunities to travel and ย fulfill a long time dream to start writing. Not only that there was a lot of first time for the both of us, a lot of conquered fear and a major event that made one of our worlds to end.” 18_twobrokegirls_final IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO… In Kaiye and Endette’s case, it takes two to survive a trip together. Take into consideration their pocket-draining adventure in Palawan. haha. Kaiye’s Chinese New Year in Binondo, hot air balloon bonanza in Pampanga, sweet escape in Malaysia [enumeration continues here] were her 2012 fantastic experiences. While Endette’s Palawan, Boracay, and stay-cation in Batangas [dot dot dot] were highlighted with beautiful quotations fresh from her travel notes. These dynamic duo is yet to do another tango in the days to come. Of course the world’s coming to an end is too far-fetched compared to the great memories these two were busy making. Read Their Story…ย 

Edcel Suyo of Solo Flight Ed

“Itโ€™s a great feeling to have done this adventure because it made me realize a number of things I wouldnโ€™t have fully understood had I still been in an office desk.” 19_edcel_final Backpacking in Southeast Asia was his 2012 Highlight:ย Vietnam-Cambodia-Thailand-Indonesia-Singapore-Malaysia-Philippines (this could go on if he wanted it to)… Surely, the near-end of Earth’s lifespan is full of crazy sh*t and still he continues to march on to the wonders of traveling solo. Living in Siem Reap for a month, worked as a waiter in Malaysia, surfed and almost drowned in Bali – wow, these are extremely extreme “big-bang-theory” big. haha.ย ย Read His Story…

Suzette Cuerpo of Globe-trotting Life

“Despite the roller coaster year that it was, 2012 turned out to be a year where I was able to tick off places that have long been on my bucket list.” 20_suzette_final Beautiful white sand beaches of Bohol, sparkling aqua waters of Coron Island, Palawan, lush, green plantation across the Mountain Province, beautiful temples of Siem Reap, Cambodia – ย the multitude visions of Suzette during her year in travel. Thanks to airlines that offer great promos, traveling was made extremely possible. Her encounters with Nemo in Palawan, or her stunning ballet on air pose in Bohol is truly a remarkable flash of what her 2012 was. Read Her Story…

Roniel Macatol of Eating Halfway

“The year 2012 was an exodus year for me.” 21_roniel_final Ahh. Baguio, Aliwan Festival, Strawberries, Puerto Galera, Tagaytay, Intramuros, hundred islands in Pangasinan, Lucban, Isla Verde and Mt Pulag… What’s this? halfway through Mt Pulag? Roniel exemplified the true meaning of “it’s more fun in the Philippines” in his 2012 journey. Will he be able to climb back to Mt. Pulag again in 2013 to see the gorgeous sea of clouds?ย Read His Story…

Claire Madarang of I am Traveling Light

“Since I started following my bliss, doors and opportunities have opened for me, and new, interesting people have crossed my path.” 22_claire_final Claire travels slow… and when she travels slow… she makes “oh my God this is an amazing experience ever” quote happen. haha The adventure that changed everything in 2012 (and might still continue in 2013)… Hopping from Bohol to Cebu, to Dumaguete to Danjugan Island, to Capiz, to Angkor Wat (one of her dreams)… to more crazy and “crazier” firsts… With the looks of it, 2013 should give way to this wonderful and adventurous woman…ย Read Her Story…

Gay Emami-Mitra of Pinay Travel Junkie

“Frankly, I am quite obsessed with your ruffled months. In fact it’s almost midnight and amid that end-of-the-world hullabaloo, here I am fondly sewing a patchwork of idyllic imagery to commemorate your flamboyance and purport.” SAY WHAT? ๐Ÿ˜‰ 23_gay_final Aaannd it’s a wrap for Gay’s outstanding 2012! No world threat could ever mess up this gorgeous mom’s travel rhythm. Zig-zagging (together with the fambam: husband and child) from Mexico to somewhere with penguins in the wild, to the Ipanema beach of Brazil, to Morocco, Vietnam, Mongolia, Russia, Philippines, Singapore [yeah yeah. more destinations to be placed here]… What a year, what a life… It’s a phenomenal fun-filled calendar for an ethusiastic woman who travels the Earth with a free-spirit. *cough* She’s one of the Travel Blogging Calendar Girls of 2013… *cough*ย Read Her Story…ย  Pinoy Travel Bloggers are not one of those guilty souls because instead of worrying about the increasing radiation of the planet or the melting of the core, these brave souls filled their 2012 calendars with heaps of wanderlust dreams. Day by day, nearing the end of extinction, these people managed to create memory after memory, adventure after adventure, and as we moved on to the “reality” of things, the year 2012 for them was unarguably traveling… like it’s the end of the world. ๐Ÿ™‚

If you haven’t read the first part of this year-ender, C’mon and check out Gay’sย for more EOTW travel posts!

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    That’s a bunch of amazing people, I hope I’ll be able to meet you guys! Regine, where’s your short summary here?!

    Good luck in 2013! More adventures, more provinces, more countries, more memories!


  58. Hi Cez! My short summary can be found at ๐Ÿ™‚ I did a tandem post with Gay aka Pinay Travel Junkie

    See you soon and more adventures for you as well! Do stay in Asia a bit longer. Will catch up with you hahaha ๐Ÿ™‚

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  65. Hi Joan! Thank You so much! ๐Ÿ™‚ It was really a great team-up I must say. We have to thank all of you who made this even possible ๐Ÿ™‚

  66. Hi E! Many many thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s really an honor to be hosting together with ate Gay hahaha ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers!

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