Month: March 2012 (page 1 of 3)

Day 17: Partying on a Budget

A few hours ago I had a fantastic time partying with my highschool and college friends. Of course we haven’t seen each other for quite some time now and well, we did a lot of catching up and a whole lot of “drinking” – so to speak. In my mind I was saying “Oh boy, I’ll be spending a lot tonight and my savings for my world travel plans will never be up to par.” So, for the whole night, I just spent roughly 300 pesos. That’s not bad because in most cases, I could spend around 500 to 1,000 for the night of “fun.” Read more →

Day 16: Last Happy Shopping

It’s about time that I’ll shove all of my money in two secure places: 1) My bank and 2) My piggy bank – though, it seems like it’s not that secure after all but then again, that’s better than having none, right? Everyday I look at my world map stuck beside my working table and everyday I had that feeling that someday I will definitely be there. You might call me a bit obsessed but seriously I’m not. I am just trying to stick to the goal that I made roughly fifteen days ago. Read more →

Day 15: Physical Preparation

I was wondering a few hours ago if it is a necessity to have a pre-travel physical training before anything else actually begins. I mean, right? Sure, you carry that awfully heavy backpack – but do you still need to have some kind of training to boost your endurance in carrying that thing when you go around places? Don’t get me wrong, I stand only 5 feet and I know how it feels like to carry a big load on my back. Read more →

Day 14: Daily Mantra

“I can do this!” Yeah. I say that to my face every single minute. It’s like preparing to take the Nursing Board Exams all over again where your head is there with no distractions whatsoever – it’s only you and the goal. With that I made a lot of plans with regards to this project and I made some sacrifices as well. Huge ones. I even changed my routine – different activites from the moment I wake up and when I am bout to go to sleep. Well, you can say that I am “sort of” dreaming for that big day to eventually come. Read more →

Dumaguete on Foot

Dumaguete City is the largest city in the province of Negros Oriental. This humble land is also known as The City of Gentle People – and I can personally attest to that. During my 5-day stay here, I was able to see, hear, smell, feel, taste, and experience Dumaguete. While walking down the not-so-busy street, these are some things that I find quite remarkable. Read more →

Day 13: Packing Sucks

Let’s just say I would rather bring a huge 20-30 kilogram luggage than strip a large backpack on my back. Most of the trips that I make, I usually overpack. Sometimes I even bring things that are unnecessary. Who am I kidding? Will I be able to travel around the world with this at the back of my head? Of course I couldn’t! Two weeks from now, I’ll be in Cebu City and I will give myself this challenge of packing light for 7 days of adventure in the rural area. I don’t know if I could do it, but I guess I will give it a try. Read more →

Silhouettes and Sunsets

What’s more beautiful than seeing the sunset vanish into the horizon giving out that pinkish-orange color to the sky and give you that sight of wonder? I adore sunsets. They are the best thing when it comes to beaches. Their beauty exudes more than what you would usually expect. Oh, and the product of these wonderful sunsets are shadows of different sorts – giving that black over orange color. An art in its own form – a silhouette. Read more →

How Sea Salts are Made

When we think of potato chips, we think of salt. Sea salts are used to make these delicious fatty treats we all purchase in one stop shops. My trip in Negros did not limit me to just seeing the beach and relaxing with the soothing wind, it also taught me the how-tos of Sea salt production using, well, the sea. Read more →

Rock Climbing. Literally.

Have you ever rock climbed without any ropes or harness, nor the proper gear and all those fancy hand powders? Well, I did. It was not something I am proud of because of failure to comply with safety precautions. I should know because I am a nurse. Nevertheless, I survived. Surely, a big thanks to the non-breaking rocks and the lucky flat surfaces that I was able to put my soles on. Read more →

The Sunny Side of The Beach

Boracay is not the only white sand beach in the whole Philippines. I guess it became such a tourist attraction that many locals, like me, have neglected the other islands of this country. In fact, other beaches are still yet to be discovered. Ever seen the movie The Beach? Well, there are several unseen places here in this archipelago that deserves a lot of credit. One of which involves beaches in Negros Occidental . Read more →