Month: May 2012 (page 1 of 5)

Day 78: How To Be Alone

Being alone does not mean being totally lonely. Sometimes I do want to be with myself to collect my thoughts, meditate, and just have that time of “freedom.” I got so inspired by this video: Read more →

Day 77: Mid-Year Project Conceptualization

It’s been 77 long and fun days of undergoing the travel basics, meeting new people along the way, learning how to “save” and itching for more adventures. It’s been such an awesome ride. I started this blog to document my preparation for a trip around the world (a 2-year process of making the Philippines as my huge simulation room – Project730) and now I am planning to add some more in between projects. Read more →

Day 76: How Traveling Makes You A Better Person

Grace, Annabelle, Jun-Jun, and Carlo, I met these kids at Inayawan, Cebu – a place where the big municipal landfill is at. You get to meet a lot of families who are still dependent on garbage (just like in the Calahunan Dumpsite, Iloilo), children just collect things from the filthy mountain of people’s daily wastes. I know. It’s sad. Read more →

Day 75: Hell Week Starts Now

Let’s just say I have a lot of projects to complete before the end of the month and on a scale from 1 to 10 where 10 is being completely done, I’m at 2. Aside from trying to work “36” hours a day, I am also on a diet – count an hour of running to shed off the pounds I have gained this May. Though, I am really excited to go somewhere, I am still stuck with a week full of heavy load. Wish me luck as I literally “design” to travel the world! Read more →

Mangrove Forest to Thrive in Punta Taytay, Bacolod

It was lunchtime then and we were having Calamares, Grilled Squid, and Oysters at the Viewing Deck, overlooking the Panay Gulf – staring at the Island of Panay and Guimaras. On the far right of the coast, I saw a woman, bending her body towards the earth. “What is she doing?” I asked myself. Immediately, I finished my last bite, washed my hands, and went down for a walk. Read more →

Day 74: Cheap is Great!

Back in college, I was the reigning cab queen. Everyday, I take a cab, pay a little over Php130, and live a swanky life. That’s 6 days a week. Imagine that. Jeepneys were not that appealing to me and I didn’t even know where their routes go – I got lost most of the time with local jeepney transport – that’s the reason why cabs we’re rightfully for me. Read more →

Janiuay, Iloilo: Basking in The Ambience of Damires Hills

This is a review about the talk of the town, I guess. I was curious of that “amazing place”that they have mentioned. And you won’t even believe a thing that I just wrote on the title of this post, right? The cool thing about this adventure is that we had the whole place to ourselves and relaxation is really our mantra of the day. Oh yeah! Read more →

Visiting Roxas City with Php375

It was a rainy 4am. I was in McDonalds, at Atrium Mall, Iloilo, hugging my luggage and desperately waiting for the others to arrive. The first 30 minutes had passed and nobody was there. Fifteen minutes later, my friend, Lica, arrived. An hour after, two more friends came over (Kams and Drem) despite the outpour. We were headed off to the Seafood Capital of the Philippines – Roxas City, Capiz! 8) Read more →

Day 73: Cameraless For a Week And Counting

Since my trusty one-year-old Olympus T100 camera died (not the Nikon above), I was pretty much grieving (metaphorically) for my loss. Of course, without a camera, I am unable to go on trips – well, I could, but I could not document it. Boo. What’s more puzzling is the fact that I can’t decide on what camera to purchase. This or that? Aiming for a Lumix brand, then a Canon, then a Nikon. Then comes the question: waterproof? HD? 1080p vs 720p? One thing I am sure of is that I need a point and shoot cam. Pfft. I’m so indecisive! 😆 Any suggestions? Read more →

Marvel Cebu’s Twin Bridges: Mandaue-Mactan

I have passed under and crossed over these magnificent bridges several times already and I could not help but notice it when I come to Cebu. They are simply majestic! These two bridges connect the islands of Cebu and Mactan. Other than being called “First” and “Second” Mandaue-Mactan Bridge, the latter is also known as the “Marcelo Fernan Bridge.” Both of these have become popular landmarks of Cebu – connecting two cities, Mandaue and Lapu-Lapu. Read more →