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Day 107: Giving Money to Street Kids is Not a Good Idea

Before I thought I was being generous to them but thinking about it “practically” is not doing them any good. I know it sounds selfish but consider the fact that these kids should learn how to find other means of earning rather than just extending their arms, pout, and beg for money. Read more →

Day 106: Avoiding Unwanted Male Attention

I feel disrespected when I pass by the street and a bunch of men on the corner whistle and shout things like “Hey beautiful” or even the likes of “Psssst!” It’s crazy and utterly degrading on my part. 🙁 Sometimes, I pity them. I don’t know. Psychologically, they just really need attention. So, what’s the best thing to do in a case like this? Read more →

Day 105: Advantages of Solo Female Travelers

It’s amazing how so many women nowadays are traveling solo around different areas in this planet. The number is really growing. The question now is: What are the advantages of women who travel solo?
Read more →

Day 104: Workstations While on the Road

I’ve been designing for several years already and I have been to some “comfortable” and “uncomfortable” places as well. You get to see those photos of a laptop and the crystal clear blue beach background more often for those seasoned digital nomads. I think I could say that I can probably work anywhere as long as there’s a strong internet connection. And somehow, the beach is not the only workstation you can have. Read more →

Day 103: Benefits of Traveling With a Nursing Degree

A few months ago, I unluckily sprained my ankle while standing on a corner when suddenly a person was running and accidentally hit me down to the ground. It was quite unexpected, though. I was in Compostela, Cebu – very far from the nearest clinic and just a few (probably 200 meters) away from the local “sari-sari store.” Good thing they were selling ice there so I had no choice but to nurse myself at that point in time. Read more →

Day 102: Route Plotting – Mindanao

Ok, after making the Visayas Route, I made a Mindanao Route as well. Of course, I don’t know where the transportation goes in that area – I was simply guessing in the whole duration of this planning process. This is in line with the #PHL80_23 project. Check this out! Read more →

Day 101: 13 Travel Movies To Inspire You

I’m not actually a robot that is capable of planning for a trip 24/7. Of course, I get tired of reading, writing, designing, and others – who doesn’t, anyway? In my spare time, I love relaxing on a beach with a cold beverage, or have coffee and cheesecakes, or simply lay back and watch inspirational travel movies to keep me dreaming. lol! Read more →

Day 100: How To Plan For A 6-Month Backpacking Trip Around The Philippines

“Planning is one thing. Doing it is another.” I am giving myself roughly 6 months and 15 days to plan for #PHL80_23. Believe me, planning is critical – else, I might end up on a sidewalk asking people “what the heck am I doing here?”  If there’s no plan, it’s like jumping off a plane without a parachute strapped on you. lol! 🙂 And no, I don’t have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. haha! This is my longest blog post yet! tralalala… Read more →

Day 99: Idiot’s Guide To Hot Weather

Putting the “nomadic lifestyle” on hold can be very educating in terms of basic survival skills at home. Yes, the air conditioning unit broke – as in “not-cooling-me-on-a-hot-weather” broke. I was practically boxed inside my workplace with no breathing space – and prayers to God that the rain would instantly pour to compensate with the “technical situation.” Phew. Read more →

Day 98: My Father Was The President

I could still remember my Grade School teacher laughing at me as I was writing on the paper that asked for the name of my father. I was an innocent child – so I wrote with all honesty “Carlos P. Garcia” and I did not really find any of it funny. Heck, at that age, I was not even aware that the name was actually a former president of the Republic of the Philippines. The eighth to be exact. It’s ridiculous! Up until now, I still get the same reaction from people. Read more →