Month: July 2012

Day 131: Just Live Life Now

Traveling to see the world is one goal I would like to achieve and quite frankly, it’s a ridiculously vague idea to start with. Amazing photographs, sights in movies, tourism posters, tales about different places, adventures, experiences, cultures, and everything in between – I aspire to be the one who is telling the tales, doing the incredible stuff, and sharing those “everything-in-between” to everyone. Corcovado, Madives, Shark Bay, Lyon, or elsewhere – it is practically “living the life!” Well, all of those are technically possible… Read more →

Day 121: Last Day of Being 21

Two weeks of going about life. Two weeks of doing things out of my ordinary lifestyle. For two weeks, I was able to drink an expensive sparkling water from France, I was able to play several “good notes” on my saxophone with the right embouchure, I ran my first marathon, I spent thousands in one single day (which I hope will not happen again), I finished reading a novel in two days, I cooked some Italian food, I drank a fine glass of red wine on a hot afternoon while working on some designs, and I splurged myself with great tasting Chicago deep dish pizza and Starbucks coffee. Read more →