Month: September 2012

Day 200: Unplugged

All of my work files, travel photos, client database,  and paid applications were wiped out seconds after the screen turned blank. Scratching my head like a complete idiot and simultaneously sipping a cup of mint tea, I suddenly sat completely still and wished for a miracle to happen. Oh boy, there’s no miracle in this type of situation. So, I packed my stuff,  called the nearest computer repair shop, and went on. “What the frac! I’m going to start from scratch?! – the codes, the website back-up files, videos, photos, everything! Panic mode, on!” 🙁 Read more →

Day 188: They Said I Was Reaching For The Moon

“So, where do you volunteer, now that you’re a Registered Nurse? I heard there’s an opening in this hospital, are you planning to submit an application there? Will you be pursuing Medicine anytime soon? Wow. You’re a nurse… more dollars for the family then…” Read more →

“Panic Mode” Somewhere Along SLEX

It was indeed a series of unfortunate events when I was in Manila – not to mention my “killer heels” situation in Pasay City, or being totally drenched in Quezon City while hailing a fully loaded Public Utility Bus going to Paranaque City, or the part where I was chased by an unchained Dalmatian Dog… Then this! We got lost in the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) in the middle of the night all because of a single missed turn. Read more →

Pasay City on 6-Inch Heels

It was the 3rd Quarter Blast of the company where there’s expected product launching, global introductions, and so many surprises for everyone. I was invited to attend the event along with several others from Iloilo City last August 25. Of course, in every assembly, my favorite part is to dress corporate, put on some light make up, and yes, slip on some killer heels! I know, generally, that the SMX Convention Center is a pretty vast place so, I was already limiting myself from strolling around (especially knowing that the Mall of Asia is right next to it). Read more →

Day 179: After a Brief Hiatus, I’m Back!

Hey there, stranger! I assume nobody is reading my blog posts anymore. LOL! 🙂 It has been a crazy joy ride the past couple of “days” – 48 to be exact! I remember it so clearly like it was just hours ago that I set aside my unfinished articles and said “I’ll publish these later.” Procrastination came hours became days, days to weeks, and now, a month and two weeks! Ok, I lied about the “Brief Hiatus” thing… But I’m not lying that I’m seriously back, though. I miss writing! 😀 Read more →