Month: October 2012

Travel Porn: Shark Bay of Western Australia

Shark Bay is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1991. It boasts 4,000 square kilometers of sea grass meadows that are the largest in the world. Found in the westernmost part of Australia, this lush place thrives with 323 fish species, 150 reptile species, and 26 threatened Australian mammal species that inhabits the bay. With it’s diversified natural beauty, Shark Bay is one of the places in the world that I would love to visit. Read more →

How to Spend 12 Grueling Hours via Sea?

You hop on board, find your deck, put down your things, get some blankets, and then it has been only 15 minutes. What happens for the rest of the 11 hours and 45 minutes on a 12-hour boat ride to somewhere amazing? Iloilo to Cebu takes exactly that long to travel via sea. 😀 Read more →

Day 222: Say Hello to Squat Toilets

It was 3am and the boat vibrations were still lulling me to sleep. My bladder was really full and I had an urge to urinate. So, I stood up with pride, walking pass the sleeping room mates of mine, battling with the inertia and my dwindling half-asleep-half-awake mode, I managed to enter the men’s – oops!!! No, I managed to enter the women’s bathroom with such drunken grace. Read more →

Day 221: Dealing with Strangers

He was literally breathing down my neck! 🙁

I was on my way to Cebu City for the Young Life Oktober Kamp 2012 event via sea. Of course, there are a number of things to do on the vessel within that span of time so I decided to stay in the canteen to do some literary work, mock-ups, and doodles. I felt like a princess! lol! Read more →

Day 210: Travel Blogging Calendar 2013

I could still remember in college that despite having those thick Nursing books to read, I gave a few hours in “Designing Projects” that involve charities. (I have these incredible hands that God gave me and I always involve myself in making things that are for a good cause) For quite a number of years, I have worked with an American foundation that helps fund cancer research as well as providing the basic needs of those who are in poverty – especially in the Philippines. A lot of funds raised were given to several organizations in the country and I deeply feel grateful for being part of the team. My teenage life was a BLAST! Read more →

Day 203: 6 Incredible Site Features this Month

Of course this website is not only a place full of words like “I, me, myself, my, I, I, I” lol! – This website (ever since the beginning) is constantly changing, adapting, and improving. So, the month of October (203 days later), there will be some additional features in store for you, dear readers and first time visitors! 😆 * Drum rolls * Read more →

The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2012: Thank You Speech

Thank You Speech was not really required but I just felt the need to (along with me daydreaming that I was at the SMX Convention Center last September 29 for the Digital Influencers Marketing Summit)…  Read more →