“Beverly Hills, Philippines” – sounds odd, right? Haha. Well, the Taoist temple, found in Lahug, Cebu, was built in 1972 along the Beverly Hills Subdivision, a wealthy residential suburb north of downtown Cebu. This temple is the center of worship for “Taoism” – a religion following the ancient Chinese philosopher, Lao Tze.

taoist temple cebu

Taking a rest after a few kilometers of walking from the entrance of Beverly Hills.

taoist temple cebu

Worm’s eye view of the temple.

Thank goodness I had another chance of seeing it again. My last memory was 14 years ago and surely, I needed to “reboot” my brain. I was too young, too innocent, and too bored to enjoy this type of gimmik before. Now, I know better! 🙂

the steps

Featuring… “the steps” – haha 8)

taoist temple

Doing my soon-to-be-signature ninja pose. Haha! Eww

From the entrance, there are 81 steps (representing the 81 chapters of Taoism scriptures) to climb before seeing that view of the city, and also Mactan and Bohol Islands. Truly, this temple has a typical Chinese trademark architecture and well, overhead, has a pagoda-styled roof, which is so enchanting.


You can see Mactan Island from this deck.

downtown cebu

A closer look at Cebu Downtown.

The temple rises at 300 meters above the sea level, which provides a good look at the city, below. It is also good to know that everyday, people climb its 99 steps to light joss sticks and have their fortunes read by the monks.


Pagoda styled roof with dragons.

On the left side entrance basing from the huge red pagoda, leads to a replica of the famous Great Walls of China. A huge dragon will greet you as you enter. From there, you will be descending into the compound’s different prayer halls.

holding on

The ancient Taoists developed feng shui from their understanding of the subtle interplay of energies that make up the universe, and no true mastery of feng shui is possible without a knowledge of Taoism.

the dragon

The dragon – up close and personal… 

I’m so glad I had this chance of visiting one of Cebu City’s major tourist destination! 8) //read: Getting There: Taoist Temple With my Red Shoes