Snorkeling is a very therapeutic activity. (It works for me!) Think of it as swimming and watching National Geographic or Discovery Channel all at the same time! Through snorkeling, you could see the marine life in a natural setting without the added equipment like that of Scuba Diving – it will be just you, the mask, and the snorkel. Basically, you are simply floating on the surface and breathing through a tube while you adore the beautiful aquatic life.

I am no expert in snorkeling but I do it most of the time when I am near the beach. I could never let an opportunity of seeing coral reefs, colorful fishes, and everything underwater pass. Sometimes, I feed the fish with bread from the bakery and see a school of them flock near my hand just to take that bite – it is amazing. Sadly, I don’t have a waterproof camera to let you see what I am describing. But, you get the picture. This is what you’s eventually see when you snorkel:

Here are a few tips when you are planning to snorkel:


Make sure that the mask you are using fits your face. You don’t want water to fill your mask while you dive in, right? Check for cracks and make sure your mask is comfortable and snugly. Adjust the strap so that it is custom fit for you.[/onehalf]

Snap the snorkel in place with your mask. Fit it in your mouth and do a breathing test. Pinch your nose and try breathing through the tube. Check for damages and make sure you are able to breathe properly. Bite the mouthpiece firmly to ensure a tight grip.


Normally it’s just bread. I would usually hold the whole bread underwater and let the fish bite from it. Maintain a distance (arm’s length) in order not to be flocked by the many fishes that will feast on your treat. Exercise precaution. Most of the time it is quite harmless.


If your site is deep, I suggest you use a life vest in order for you to stay afloat. Stay close to your rafts or boats just to be safe. Be light and just relax. Knowing how to swim really helps! If your boat has a pole of some sort (something to hold on) then grab on to it so that the currents will not take you elsewhere.

If you happen to be in Boracay , there are amazing snorkeling spots that you could ever imagine. Rent a boat and snorkeling gear together with your friends and have that awesome experience! It will not cost that much – probably around $15 a head which already includes an island hopping tour. Contact local guides if you are in the area. Where did you snorkel last?