7,107 precious islands scattered all over the archipelago; 81 provinces that boasts unique and exciting people, places, and culture; Her aim is to go around the Pearl of the Orient Seas and live to tell the world about it, one province at a time, through images, fun stories, and life-changing experiences. Articles on specific places can be found in the Coordinates page.


    Project 730

    Once upon a time, Between Coordinates was created to document the plans and preparations of a crazy girl’s wild dream of traveling the world. Project 730 was born out of boredom when she needed an outlet to de-stress from her packed video editing job and web design work for an international web solutions company. In the long run, the project ceased on the 461st day because her grandmother became ill. She instantly assumed the responsibility of being a private nurse for a year.

    Below are some of the daily accounts she wrote since 2012.


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