In my recent trip to my father’s homeland in Cauayan, I never really expected that there’s an existing gem hidden behind the trees and mountains. All I know is that there are beaches and it is such a great place to relax. Well, I was completely wrong. For a frequent visitor of the place, I admit I failed to appreciate its phenomenal beauty. 😀

pasalan road

The Pasalan Falls is found at Brgy. Caliling, along the Pasalan Road, a few kilometers before Brgy. Lina-on, where we usually stay. If you ask locals about that place, they will tell you to follow the stream of water oozing from the mountain and it will lead you to the falls. It took us merely a few minutes to arrive there and it was not really that far. The shadows of the trees will keep you cool as you begin your journey for a great summer afternoon swim.

pasalan falls

My cousin taking a leap. I should try that soon – lol!

To add more excitement, there’s a cave beside the falls, and another behind it. Inside, you will find stunning limestones, stalactites and stalagmites formation on the ceiling, all packed in a small cave. (Sadly, I had no image for it because well, the camera is not “waterproof” yet – haha). So, if you are in Negros Occidental, don’t forget to take a dive at the clear, fresh, and cool waters of Pasalan Falls. It’s summertime there, without the heat! 🙂