“The waves curl right towards the white, sandy, shore and a young, chubby girl, jumps over the large current – beaming her glorious smile to the passing crowd. She scoops a handful of powdery sand, dabbles a bit of water to form a ball, and just when her brother came aclose, she docks.”

Every time I set foot on the tropical island of Boracay, I could still remember that day when it used to be me and brother’s playground. We would run along the coast with our arms stretched on each end, pretending to be airplanes as the wind blew on its direction. We would roll over the sand and let it stick to our sun-kissed skin and declare to the world that we are the new generation’s “sandman.”

My Boracay Playground 15 years ago.

My Boracay Playground 15 years ago. (Photo taken by my aunt, Ena Escasa)

Boracay, awarded in 2012 as the best island in the world from Travel + Leisure, is not merely a famous white sand beach for me. Boracay is more than that. It’s an island that kept a memory that I really loved reminiscing. It witnessed my childhood, my teenage years, and now, my young adult life.

While resting under the shade of the coconut tree with a margarita on hand and a smartphone that kept on buzzing on the other, my thought bubble about my fun and perky childhood in an island known by many shattered at an instant. I was thrown back to the present.

Modern Day Playground

The island, apart from its eminent charm, is now known for the many events and leisure activities available in the area – helmet diving, scuba diving, windsurfing, snorkeling, kite boarding, cliff diving, and world class parties. It’s not anymore a realm of make-believe because everything now is happening so fast.

Pristine white sand beach of Boracay, Philippines.

Pristine white sand beach of Boracay, Philippines.

Even Viber (my personal and work communication app of choice) has prepared something great this Labor Day weekend here in Boracay. They recently launched #Viberacay  last April 29 and there are a myriad of activities going on right now.

If you could visit Pearl of the Pacific until the 4th of May, Sunkissed Boracay will be featuring performances by DJ Alvaro, Ameli, and Mia, backed up by some other fantastic DJs from Manila to end the Labor Day weekend with an epic party. You can visit the Viber hub in D’mall for more information.

You may also log on to ViberPH to check out some cool things happening at this very moment.

Photo by Meet-up Boracay

Photo by Meet-up Boracay

It is very different now. From that fun sand-digging activity in the late 90s to the wave jumping that we kids did during Boracay’s developing past, it is definitely incomparable to the bustle of the island’s night life today. Even the term cliff-diving was foreign to me until I hit puberty. Wow. Time flies so fast.


My brother may not be with me right now, throwing sand balls at one another, or running around like airplanes with our feet shooting sand all over the coast, or simply remembering the memories we made in the shorelines of this world-famous beach. But at least we could talk about it and share far-out stories about our individual adventures through Viber.

And still under the shade of the coconut tree, with the empty margarita glass and salt covering half of the rim, with the smartphone still buzzing, with the children still dumping sand and sea water on their unfinished sandcastle, I could not believe that it has been 15 years since I last “played” in Boracay.

Indeed, this precious island, was and will still be my Boracay summer playground.

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