I was searching for 2009-2010 files from my so-called “travels” and so I browsed through the folders with names like SUMMER_10, OCTOBORA, and worse, GKDST. Luckily, I was able to find some useable images for this blog. I honestly don’t know how to start a “travel blog” entry but I guess this is worth a shot. With that awkward introduction, please forgive me for my “trying-hard” writings – I’m sure it will improve in the long run. 🙂

cebu city

This is along the highway of Cebu City. We’re on the bridge!

Mid 2009, while I was enduring loads and loads of Nursing School related tasks, my head was simply lurking towards a fine vacation away from the stress and pressures of college. I called my friends if they wanted to have that “Ultimate Trip.” As expected, they said “Yes!” Our tentative trip was immediately at Hongkong on June 2010. It was a popular destination at that time – and so we actually planned the itineraries via Facebook messaging (since we all go to different colleges around the country, it was easier and much more accessible). Months and months of planning and building of excitement, a little pin bursted our dream bubble… Sadly, I was not permitted to go. For the obvious “finish your studies first” reason, I guess.

Moving on… I got over it instantly. Hongkong was our PLAN A and a trip to CEBU and BOHOL was our PLAN B. For several weeks, we did our research, planning, budgeting, booking, and off we went for an exciting adventure away from school. That was the first trip that I felt so free.

This was our Cebu to Bohol Trip (4 Days and 3 Nights) itinerary:

DAY 1: Experiencing the Cebu City Night Life

When we arrived at the Mactan Cebu International Airport, we immediately checked into Hotel Pier Cuatro – a convenient and budget-friendly-place that is near SM City Cebu. We left our bags and hurriedly took a cab going to Ayala Mall. We had a huge buffet dinner at Don Henrico’s and off we went to the popular I.T. Park. We found ourselves having some Venti Caramel Macchiato at Starbucks’ and a few rounds of drinks at Pier One. Party hopping from Loft, Vudu, and lastly, we had our amateur Cebu Karaoke Night at K-1 Family KTV. 3am we went back to our hotel for a shut eye.

cebu to bohol ferry

This is us – the “Summer team.”

DAY 2: Bohol-bound

After a sumptuous breakfast and a heavy headache from last night’s gimmik, we checked out from the hotel and met up with our friend at the Seaport where we could catch a 2-hour sea trip to the wonderful island of Bohol. When we arrived, we had an unusual but fun lunch at the Loboc River, we witnessed the Kuradang dances, saw the Busay Falls and wrapped the afternoon with full stomachs. Next on our hectic schedule was the Tarsiers, the Hanging Bridge, the Man-made Forest, the Chocolate Hills, the Baclayon Chuch, and the Blood Compact Site. When the sun went down, we opted to go to Panglao Regent’s Park at Panglao Island. We had dinner along the coast and had a fresh swim at the pool. Wine was served as we celebrated my friend’s 20th birthday. Of course, to cap off a great day, we went to bed.

chocolate hills

This is sort-of a “fail” photo of me trying so hard to touch the Chocolate Hills of Bohol.

DAY 3: Summer Fun on the Beach

Dolphin Watching was on our checklist, moreso, we wanted to swim with the dolphins but we were too late. Our boat took us to Balicasag Island and there we did our snorkeling. It was fascinating. An hour later, we headed to the Virgin Island to have our “summer pictorial” of the wonderful view. We had a quick lunch at the Alona Beach restaurants and we decided to travel back to Cebu City. Arriving once more at the Tagbilaran Seaport, we endured the 2 hour sea trip, and when we got back to Cebu, we checked in at the Sampaguita Suites at Plaza Garcia.

virgin island

Again, another “heavy weight” trying hard jump shot of the 2010 version of me at the Virgin Island.

Day 4: It’s Too Soon

We had breakfast in bed. We checked out from the hotel. Off we went to SM City Cebu and a huge lunch at La Mesa Grill. We had a glimpse of the Magellan’s Cross and Malacanang Palace and then once again, we were in the airport awaiting for our plane ride home. Boo. 🙁

I think it all went well. At least we were flexible enough to have sudden changes to the trip – especially the trip back to Cebu on Day 3. Too bad. We had a 2 night reservation at Panglao Regent’s Park and we only had one. Sad part is we already paid for the 2nd night and everything is non-refundable. So far, that’s a good lesson to learn! 😀 What else did we miss?