Day 1: My Decision to Travel the World

Though this thought is quite impossible to achieve, somehow there’s a little voice inside my head telling me that it is – if I have a concrete and a reasonable plan for doing so. I’m talking to myself at this hour asking whether or not I am being a bit ambitious with a non-existing plan that might lead me to a dead end after this paragraph. Maybe so. But what if it is a big possibility to circle the globe? I admit I am not financially stable as of the moment, but would that hinder me from fufilling a personal dream?

Well, the internet is the greatest tool that I could have my hands on. Not to mention I have full access to different references by just merely typing and clicking. I viewed several travel blogs from solo travelers (covering more than 25 countries already). They have provided some itineraries and also the amount of money they have spent while enjoying the pleasures of the world. After reading and visualizing myself in their shoes, I had this queezy feeling in my stomach. “I could do this!” I said to myself. But I am very aware of my problems – financially.

First off, I have been only to a few destinations here in the Philippines – namely my hometown, Iloilo, Roxas, Kalibo, Boracay, Bacolod, Cebu, Dumaguete, Manila. Most were for business trips and leisure trips. Would that be a good enough reason to travel the world? I don’t think so. But would it be nice to just travel the world out of curiosity sake? I mean, I am no expert in world history or geography or even sociology – but I want to experience different cultures, see different sights, and meet new people on my way. That must qualify for something, right?

Here goes! This will be a life-changing decision and it requires a lot of dedication, desperation, and commitment. I will do it now! So, everything starts with assessment and followed by planning, then implementation, then lastly, evaluation – this, I picked up from my four years in Nursing school (very handy when applied in a far more lucrative aspect). I shall dwell on these today.



Am I ready to leave my loved ones for a trip around Earth? Yes. Knowing that they will be there when I get back – and I think communication is not much of a problem since the internet has no plans of leaving the 21st century in such a hurry.


I would love to meet new people. In fact, I enjoy talking to people from different race, ethnicity, gender, age, and other criteria. As long as they speak english and would like to learn a thing or two about me, then we would definitely get along fine.


In terms of “the fuel for traveling” which is simply-put “hard-earned-cash” I am not that abundant. But I am about to find different methods of earning more to support my “travel fund” – I should find a sponsor to make things easier. (maybe)


I would not say that I am narcissistic or vain but I like to see myself look good in pictures. Especially if it involves different places around the globe. So, I do think I need to look presentable in various outfits, shorts, coats, bikini, backpacks – whatever. It’s just a nice way to document (for me)


I am equipped with a wide knowledge of the internet especially web design and development, as well as other softwares. But aside from having a laptop, in traveling, I may need more than that. Maybe portable hard drives, flash drives, a video camera, a good quality camera, gps system (probably), and other necessary tools.


I have God on my side. Always. He will never go anywhere as long as my faith in Him is there. It might be a great idea as well to travel the world knowing that He is staying right there by your side – making sure that you are safe and certainly away from harm. Right? I don’t think exercising my spiritually will hinder me from doing the things I love. In fact, it would help a lot!


Basically, in order for this to work, I have to put a lot of effort in this stage. Plans are like blueprints of a huge building. One little slip and the whole foundation will be unable to support the many floors to be built on top. This is crucial and I am shaking with the thought of it. Enough said, I have to work on the following:


This is the most important of all without it I can’t do anything and this will eventually remain a “dream” – I desperately want to go out and enjoy the world. The term “money” is broad. Breaking it down will turn into words like savings, sales, interest, credits, website monetization, and all the more insurance. Who said traveling comes cheap?


I know this is not a necessity but I want to lay the cards on the table. I want to be physically fit and as well as look my best when I am there viewing the sights the world has to offer. Not to mention, I grew up with a short stature so I have to get used to it when I will be traveling. I want to look perky and preppy when I travel – not that it is a big deal for anyone.


I should train myself more in writing and in taking a lot of good photographs when on the move. This is to let people be able to check my website. The more the people are visiting, the more that I’ll be earning and the more traveling I could do with the funds that I’ll be raising.


What’s the point in traveling if I don’t know anything about a particular place? I need to study geography, sociology, and history that might be useful when going along every corner of a country. That’s why the internet is the largest database of documented experiences and also a handy frame of reference. I know this will be put into good use when the right time comes.


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  1. id say go for it. we virtual-world-worker-ants should at least get the best of what the planet has to offer. kudos to you and lotsa luck and happiness on your adventure!

  2. Thank you! I will and I should! 😀

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