The world is inevitably huge. I was marking my home country with a felt tip pen (to know the area that I’ll be wandering on soon) and this is when I realized that “Wow. Even being 1/4 of land on Earth, it is incredibly massive.” Imagine, seven continents with around 180,497 islands floating on the blue waters. Philippines has approximately 7,107 islands and I could not even get my feet to every single one. How much more for the remaining 173,390?

Those are just islands. What about the different countries and their cities? I could not even cover the whole city of Iloilo (even if it is just that small). How much more if we are talking about the whole island of Panay? That is just one island. Come to think of it, it is pretty much impossible to walk on every inch of land on Earth. With this perspective, it is very discouraging. But what the heck? World travel does not have requirements to visit every city of every country of every single continent. It purely depends on us, I guess.

I am astonished. Really. There’s a world out there that needs to be seen and appreciated. I hope these eyes could see those wonders. Do you have plans to visit the world?