Day 106: Avoiding Unwanted Male Attention

I feel disrespected when I pass by the street and a bunch of men on the corner whistle and shout things like “Hey beautiful” or even the likes of “Psssst!” It’s crazy and utterly degrading on my part. 🙁 Sometimes, I pity them. I don’t know. Psychologically, they just really need attention. So, what’s the best thing to do in a case like this?


Of course, I may not be qualified to give away unsolicited advice, but, what the heck (it may be useful soon):

#1 – Don’t make eye contact

That explains why I use sunglasses. It serves the purpose of protecting my eyes from the sun and also to avoid making eye contact to them.

#2 – Ignore them

I simply look down with DISGUST, and walk as if nothing happened (even though they threw you rude comments and annoying whistles)

#3 – Never attempt to talk to them

This will simply make it worse.

Why can’t these people just mind their own business? 🙁 Have you had this same experience?


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  1. I’ve learned to use “f*** you” when someone called me “Hi Kulot ang sexy mo naman…” after passing away from them, aba sinundan pa ko pota, pinakyuhan ko nga ayun lumayo. Iniisip ko di naman sexy damit ko or talagang sexy lang ba talaga ko? Anyways, may mga Pinoy talaga na bastos.

  2. I abhor those people. Meron naman na friendly-looking din and then you gaze at them and smile tapos they will smile back – yun yung ineexpect ko not the other way around na they will follow you like a creepy stalker. Better bring pepper sprays to be safe haha! 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Ada 🙂

  3. Since I don’t wear shades (cause I wear glasses), I always put on my earphones kahit hindi naka-plug para mukhang I’m not aware of them. *lol*

  4. ayy! good tip! 🙂 hahahahahahha! i’ll do that soon! 😀

  5. oo nga! marami diyan na mga bastos! buti di pa ako ginanyan 😛

  6. good for you, then hahaaha! 🙂

  7. kasi ako yung bumibigay ng furtive glances. wahahahha…

  8. naku ikaw siguro yung wanted!!! heheheh

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