Day 11: Independence

Most of the time, when I get to go from one place to another, I usually have a companion or two – for the reason that I love talking to the people  I know (keeps me calm and reminds me that I have someone to rely on). It somehow alleviates my anxiety and better yet, I just don’t want to be left alone. Now, the concept of independence scares me.

I created a little experiment (considering that today is a Sunday – people are actually spending time with their families). I will go on a journey in our city, alone (running through random places and talking to random people are my goals). Let’s just hope I can handle it well.

So, I took a jeepney ride with no plans of where I am headed at. I just paid for the fare. This is where I landed. Plazuela – located beside South Point of SM City Iloilo.

I just walked from there. Looking at the “familiar places” I would normally see everyday (as if I was a tourist of my own city). Walking along the main highway and asking the people where SM Delgado is located and where Delgado Street is. I used the Filipino language so that they won’t recognize that I am also a local like them.

The pedicab driver was kind enough to tell me the exact location, the landmarks, left turn or right turn, and some jeepney routes. It was not far from where I am and he offered to take me there. But I said I’ll be walking instead. “Wow. People here in the so-called City of Love are really helpful.” Then, I made it to SM Delgado on foot.

I guess I can survive this trek alone. Let’s see what will happen in Cebu City on April! Have you tried traveling alone?

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  1. I really like reading through an article that will make men and women think.

    Also, thanks for allowing for me to comment!

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