Does this make me a bad person because I wanted to travel the world using my own money without even thinking of giving some to help my parents and family members? Maybe sponsor a child to finish his/her education with monetary support instead of jumping from one country to another?

Selfishness is commonly denoted by concern with oneself or concern with one’s Personal Interest, especially to the exclusion of others.

Maybe the only definition of not being selfish (selfless) is sacrificing one’s interest and put others first. But if this is the case, then what will the world be? I mean, I have this idea that everybody has a little of selfishness in them. Not that I am implying it in a negative way. If we look at it more closely, we are not always putting other people first because we put ourselves first, right?

The Friends I met in Cebu City

I have read through Jenny’s take on this and I guess she tackled this with great intent of letting the world know that she is indeed passionate about what she’s doing:

What if I was taking a loan out to start a new traditional business; would that be considered selfish? No, it would be considered ambitious and they would glean with pride talking of my future success.

What if I needed someone to co-sign for a mortgage; would that be considered selfish? No, it would be celebrated as a major life event, as if you were finally moving up in the world. A house owner. Again, gleaming with pride.

What if I needed someone to babysit my future child so I could have a day of rest; Would that be considered selfish too? No, the grandparents would be delighted to spend time with their grandkid. That time would be cherished and adored.

We are faced with choices every day of our lives and for the most part we all do what we want to do. Everybody wants different things out of life. Some want to have a family, start a business, be career oriented, study abroad, buy a house or you know maybe see the world. Who’s to say one is better than the other or one is considered selfish while the other selfless?


If my brother would decide to put up a big house and start a family, and give them a life that they all deserve, it is also the same as me deciding to travel the world. I mean, in different circumstances but with a similar context. So, no. I don’t think I am being selfish at all. I help people in different ways – would that make me selfish? What do you think?