Day 13: Packing Sucks

Let’s just say I would rather bring a huge 20-30 kilogram luggage than strip a large backpack on my back. Most of the trips that I make, I usually overpack. Sometimes I even bring things that are unnecessary. Who am I kidding? Will I be able to travel around the world with this at the back of my head? Of course I couldn’t! Two weeks from now, I’ll be in Cebu City and I will give myself this challenge of packing light for 7 days of adventure in the rural area. I don’t know if I could do it, but I guess I will give it a try.

Why do I tend to overpack? Here are some of my reasons:

#1 Some things might come in handy one day

Have you ever had that moment where you are far away from home and you said to yourself “Geez! I should have brought my (insert forgotten item here) so that I could do (insert any type of activity here). It’s my bad I did not pack it.” I had a lot of those moments and most of them involves facial care and some party clothes. I have never anticipated that there are “parties” held on my destination.

#2 Others might need it more that I do

Yes. Your fellow companions might need some extra shirts or extra towels. It would be better if I bought one for him or her. That’s no biggie for me. — See what I mean?

#3 I just love that feeling of having everything inside

It gives me that sense of security. Although I carry most of the luggage, I don’t seem to care about it being heavy as long as I have the things I needed and the things that I might need all tucked inside. Heck, my bag looks like it is going to explode. I also bring one fluffy pillow with me all the time!

Can I be any worse? Packing is not my thing. But I’ll try to pack light next time. Let’s just hope I will not forget my underwear. Haha!


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  1. florajoyofwriting

    March 28, 2012 — 2:37 pm

    pareho gid ta dai…hehehe…kung pwede lang dal-on ang whole house…hehehe…

  2. korek! 🙂 that’s always a dilemma for me. lol!

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