Day 131: Just Live Life Now

Traveling to see the world is one goal I would like to achieve and quite frankly, it’s a ridiculously vague idea to start with. Amazing photographs, sights in movies, tourism posters, tales about different places, adventures, experiences, cultures, and everything in between – I aspire to be the one who is telling the tales, doing the incredible stuff, and sharing those “everything-in-between” to everyone. Corcovado, Madives, Shark Bay, Lyon, or elsewhere – it is practically “living the life!” Well, all of those are technically possible…



I can’t just hop on a plane and fly straight to Madagascar (or somewhere in the world map). Heck, I just graduated a year ago, got my professional Nursing license, and still holding on to that dream. I can’t go anywhere without enough money. I can’t travel the world because I have to pay for my recurring bills and other miscellaneous “day-to-day” expenses. I can’t simply because I’ll be wasting the degree that I worked for several years. I can’t because I am not thinking about my future.


The future is not promising us anything. It’s not giving us that “100% Guarantee Card” either. It is simply a slot of time that we all expect – good things, bad things, blessings, consequences, and other “unknown” events beyond our control. The future is a second after every moment we are in the present.

The truth is, I can hop on a plane and fly straight to Madagascar. I only need to figure out a way to get myself from point A to point B. I can travel the world because I don’t fear the future. I can do anything I want because I am seizing my initiative. I can because I believe I CAN.


Enjoy Your Achievements

Being 22 years young at this point in time, I realized that I really did a lot of awesome things in the past (without me really being aware of it up until now). I helped an international foundation raise funds for cancer research and for children living in poverty. I got that going for several years (while still in college), and being a part of that team, donating a few thousand dollars for charity, was a milestone of my life that I deeply treasure. I learned how to put together and fire an M16 rifle, an M1 Garand, and even a Caliber .45 Pistol. I got my designs out in a National newspaper as well as one in Chicago. I turned a white rose blue. More so, I even sang in front of a well-known singer. The list goes on… Every moment, every experience, every memory definitely counts!

You Have The Right To Live

I mean, anything is absolutely possible! We don’t have any reasons to say that we “could not” just because we’re scared to take risks. Do what you dream of doing because in this century, time is the new luxury. Youth can never be regained. Think about the opportunities, the memories, new friends, smiles, love, experiences to cherish. Life is now. Let’s never waste it.


Live life now because you’ll never know what the future holds. The only fact we know is that the future will never go away.


Currently, I am working my way through the planning phase of my #PHL80_23 project – to travel around the 80 provinces of the Philippines before I turn 23 years old. To get involved with the project kindly visit this link. πŸ™‚ Please do like/share this if you found the article interesting.


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  1. Hello Regine,

    itΒ΄s me again,checking up on you. hhehe, or more so, stalking you! hheheeh.

    Go for your dreams and thank you for the inspiration. I realized at lot of things while reading this post.

  2. Thank You for the regular “checking up on me” part, though “stalking” is a fun way of saying it. πŸ™‚ Thank You for believing in me. It really means a lot πŸ™‚

  3. Hehehe. In short… “pautwas”

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