“I can do this!” Yeah. I say that to my face every single minute. It’s like preparing to take the Nursing Board Exams all over again where your head is there with no distractions whatsoever – it’s only you and the goal. With that I made a lot of plans with regards to this project and I made some sacrifices as well. Huge ones. I even changed my routine – different activites from the moment I wake up and when I am bout to go to sleep. Well, you can say that I am “sort of” dreaming for that big day to eventually come.

To accompany this “Daily Mantra” is a touch of Financial Crisis and Blogging Surrender – it’s not that easy to maintain 5-6 blogs and expect to give several writings for the sake of hitting that Publish button on the right side of your screen. All the more with the Money Problems where you get to check your bank account as often as you think. Then, swirling negativities surround your brain telling you “You are dreaming and you will never be able to travel the world.”

rizal avenue dumaguete

For what it’s worth… It has been only 2 weeks. I have a whole set of weeks to show you my dilemma and probably my precious moments too. It’s quite early to tell if I am failing – like, duh?! I’m working my butt off with designs too to raise sufficient funds for this trip. Maybe I was just at that point of having a breakdown. – Please do tell me this is normal. As far as my Project 730 is concerned, I have yet to fill a little over hundreds and hundreds of pages more.

P.S: I redid the design of the website to have that “youthful feel” to it. I don’t want it to look like some 70-year-old trash. On a side note, I think I like this design better than the several drafts I made. Just saying.