Day 15: Physical Preparation

I was wondering a few hours ago if it is a necessity to have a pre-travel physical training before anything else actually begins. I mean, right? Sure, you carry that awfully heavy backpack – but do you still need to have some kind of training to boost your endurance in carrying that thing when you go around places? Don’t get me wrong, I stand only 5 feet and I know how it feels like to carry a big load on my back.


That’s me rappelling down a few years ago. This was in Guimaras

Probably some of you are laughing at me right now because of this question. Hey, I find it funny myself considering that I am not really an outdoorsy type of person – yet. But, I am transitioning to become one, though. Life with a computer is really not that exciting. It’s like having only a piece of gum for dinner without knowing there’s a buffet table with so many dishes to taste across the room. Maybe this sort of inquisitiveness of mine translates into my excitement.

So, April will be my month of physical immersion with the world – I have plans on going around the country trying to simulate some things that are expected to happen in the future (when traveling the world would become a reality for me). And also for the purpose of getting out and having fun. I have hiking on my list, rafting, maybe mountain climbing (but I haven’t had the time to sort this out), rappelling, a little bit of exposure to farming, fishing, and whatever comes my way. It sounds fun, really. To add, I guess “talking to strangers” will be part of this project. Haha!

Yeah. I’ll be doing a lot of domestic travels this month. It’s better to simulate things than be completely shocked in the long run, right? But I must say, adventure starts when something goes wrong. Maybe that’s the fun of it.


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  1. I’ve been doing some physical training myself- unfortunately lots of lapses. It’s in preparation for summiting some mountains in Los Banos. Godspeed in your travels!

  2. Wow. That’s really great! 🙂 Please do keep me updated 😉

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