It’s about time that I’ll shove all of my money in two secure places: 1) My bank and 2) My piggy bank – though, it seems like it’s not that secure after all but then again, that’s better than having none, right? Everyday I look at my world map stuck beside my working table and everyday I had that feeling that someday I will definitely be there. You might call me a bit obsessed but seriously I’m not. I am just trying to stick to the goal that I made roughly fifteen days ago.


This is me and my friend Marissa at Guimaras.

So, shopping? Would you believe that I have a big closet full of clothes that I don’t even use anymore? Of course you do. Haha! I have stacks of shoes that somehow I don’t want to get rid of – maybe due to some “sentimental” value, I suppose. I often do some personal shopping and it would be probably once a month but in huge volumes – that’s how I spend my earnings and my little income aside. It’s difficult to let that go since I love to have new things. Who wouldn’t, anyway?

As part of the “sacrificing process” inorder to be at some amazing place a few years from now, shopping will be off my list. Booo. On the other hand, if I don’t shop, I can save. If I can save, I can go. Simple. Now I am thinking of selling my things too – but that would require some “sorting” haha. I hope I could survive my own challenge to myself. Haha!