A few hours ago I had a fantastic time partying with my highschool and college friends. Of course we haven’t seen each other for quite some time now and well, we did a lot of catching up and a whole lot of “drinking” – so to speak. In my mind I was saying “Oh boy, I’ll be spending a lot tonight and my savings for my world travel plans will never be up to par.” So, for the whole night, I just spent roughly 300 pesos. That’s not bad because in most cases, I could spend around 500 to 1,000 for the night of “fun.”


Here’s how you could party on a budget:

#1 Fixed amount of $$$ in your wallet

I usually set a target amount of how much I can spend for the whole event so that the remaining cash will be for my savings account. This limit will be essential if your goal is not to get drunk all night but still have some fun with your closest friends. Right?

#2 Don’t get drunk or don’t drink at all

Funny thing is when I am partying with my friends, I am usually the misfit because I don’t indulge in alcoholic beverages and other sorts – let’s just say I take wine often rather than pour beer all over my body and speak English on top of the table while being drunk. I don’t do that. But yes I do have fun watching my friends have a great time being intoxicated and all – I know they could manage it pretty well. Not that this is a spoiler to most of you… But then again, on the bright side, at least you can save.

#3 Group orders are great

In terms of ordering food, I do believe it is much better to actually order as a group and then when the bill arrives, you get to chip in a smaller amount compared to you paying for your own meal. Sharing is quite fun when with friends!

#4 Water is free

I’m not talking about bottled water. Most establishments serve clean water because as far as I know, they drink them too. So, as a customer, I would like to have some of what they are drinking. Best of all, they are free!

#5 Healthy Desserts

I don’t drink so I place myself in a local yogurt shop and have some healthy fruits and some chewy toppings on a bowl of fresh yogurt. What’s not to love about it? Eating it at 2am is suppose to be fun! Plus your friends are also enjoying what you love. haha!

I suppose this is not the “ideal” party you expected. Hey, at least my point is that you could kill two birds with one stone. 1) Have fun and 2) Save for a World Travel Adventure!