Day 179: After a Brief Hiatus, I’m Back!

Hey there, stranger! I assume nobody is reading my blog posts anymore. LOL! 🙂 It has been a crazy joy ride the past couple of “days” – 48 to be exact! I remember it so clearly like it was just hours ago that I set aside my unfinished articles and said “I’ll publish these later.” Procrastination came hours became days, days to weeks, and now, a month and two weeks! Ok, I lied about the “Brief Hiatus” thing… But I’m not lying that I’m seriously back, though. I miss writing! 😀

office girl

Yeah, yeah. I bring myself to the office to “learn.”

Guess What?

I am proud to cross out three provinces from my PHL Travel Map. Yes, I had the opportunity of flying North for a business trip along Region IV. It was an awesome road trip too – the “getting there” and the “getting lost” part were equally thrilling. I’ll be making a series about it on the following posts.

Next month, I’ll be in Palawan for a well-deserved vacation together with my “active-traveler-but-tired-of-blogging-friends.” A few days after it will then be another week in Cebu for the Young Life Youth Camp. I am also waiting for the confirmation of my application in an island as a volunteer on reef and rainforest conservation. Hopefully it will push through… 🙂

Wait! There’s more!

To add, this little (roughly) 5 1/2 month old website now has a pagerank of 2. I’ll take this moment to THANK YOU all for reading, for sending me great e-mails, for commenting, for everything! This is a huge leap from a “boring” starter blog to a now, sturdy and “interactive” blog that it is. I am always motivated by your words! 🙂

pagerank september

And… Since I am in the office these days, I do however travel on my vacant time. Traveling is so much fun when doing errands and getting lost in your own city. Haha! 🙂

old building

This was my night shot of an old building across Jaro Plaza (the place where you could see the iconic Belfry Tower)

I’ll see you on my next post, alright?!

It seems like it has been forever! I have so many great stories to tell but I actually don’t know where to begin. But anyway… it’s another awesome START! Yeah! 😛


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  1. Welcome back! Now I have reasons to visit your page everyday! Miss your thoughts here.. 🙂

  2. Thanks E! Now… when will you visit Iloilo? hahaha!

  3. Nah! Still waiting and dreaming for that day..hehe. Dont know, really.. 😀

  4. hahaha. certainly it will be “someday” 🙂 hahaha

  5. Ay sa wakas bumalik na! hehehe

  6. wala di na nya love ang Pilipinas hahaha

  7. haha oo naman syempre! 🙂 lol… i miss it! hahha kamusta ka?

  8. lol. ganun?! kawawa naman ang mahal nating ‘pinas 🙂

  9. Okay naman me is waiting for my next travel inip na ako…

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