“So, where do you volunteer, now that you’re a Registered Nurse? I heard there’s an opening in this hospital, are you planning to submit an application there? Will you be pursuing Medicine anytime soon? Wow. You’re a nurse… more dollars for the family then…”

I often get asked about my current employment and what am I doing with my life. Sometimes, relatives would flock over and congratulate me because I am a certified, licensed to practice, nurse (well, that is old news already – it has been a year now…) and they tend to ask so many redundant questions which would only lead to one single answer“No.” 😆

savannah iloilo

Sorry to be the “disappointment” – but I don’t see anything wrong with my choice not to pursue working in the hospital. I believe I am entitled to do whatever I want and make the best of what I have. I just wish people would understand that it is not their call to make the decisions for me (unless I am in a coma then that’s a different story), or practically make a “face of disgust” whenever they would hear my “I don’t want to be a nurse” statements, or think that an individual who does not get a job that fits his or her college degree will be financially poor… 🙁

It is NOT your job to make everybody happy.

Oops! I make money based solely on my talents (not because I hold a nursing degree) and whether or not it is impossible for these people to believe it, I love what I do and I will keep on doing it without them telling me what I should and shouldn’t… Because in the first place, this is not their life and they are not the ones living it either…

I guess everybody has gotten used to the fact that whenever a baby is born, he will be educated, come pre school, grade school highschool, and college, after graduation, that individual will work in a “socially accepted” job, that will in turn earn him billions, then he will get married, have kids, and the cycle goes on… 🙂

Well, I believe in a different paradigm

savannah iloilo

In this generation, let’s admit it, there are so many changes: men becoming women, women becoming men, mobile phones becoming indispensable, laptops becoming thinner by the minute, microchips getting smaller, the internet taking over, electronic banking, etc… Why is it easy for society to adapt to technological changes, but in terms of gender and human behavior, it is not?

I don’t have a concrete answer. They may be laughing at me because I chose the other way, or they may be laughing because “traveling” and working in an unconventional way is like reaching for the moon… I don’t seem to care. At least I know what I want. Let’s celebrate life! 🙂 Cheers!