Day 2: Hypothetical Money

It seems like it is too good to be true and at the back of my mind I really do think it is very very impossible. But after I drafted my plans of saving up for a trip around the world two years from now, I got around an estimate of $32,208 which is roughly about Php1,803,648 – who knew I could reach those figures in just a short span? The real question is – will it be enough?

I am laughing at myself because this is “hypothetical money” I am seeing right now. Maybe a concrete objective of how much I could earn and save for 24 tiring months of preparation. I computed my possible monthly income plus the miscellaneous fees I can receive from my parents and relatives – including special celebrations like my birthday and the rest. That sum of money could buy me a good car but I opt to travel the world and enjoy the different experiences I am bound to have compared to just washing the car and giving it some gas. At least that sum of money could take me elsewhere. Plus, I would have a lot of stories to share.

For the PLANNING PHASE, I will answer the important questions that was actually taught to me when I took up a few courses of basic journalism specifically in news writing. The so-called LEAD should answer the five Ws and one H. Just to clarify everything and to give it some focus in order to understand the situation.

WHO – This is simple. The people involved in this trip would be me and the rest around the world willing to be a part of my adventure.

WHAT – I want to travel the world. No “package tours” and all those expensive trips. Just plain and simple WORLD. I want to use all of my senses to appreciate everything around me.

WHERE – Well, I am not capable of exploring the moon so the Earth will be the place of my adventure.

WHEN – Two years from now. That will be in 2014. I need two years to prepare my money.

WHY – We only live once and I would love to travel the world at a young age. I also want my life story to be very fulfilling – full of adventure and appreciation of the simple things – may it be inches or miles away.

HOW – I am hoping that I could be blessed with a lot of projects in the web and graphics design industry so that this thought would become a reality. I am also thinking of starting a blog that would enable me to discuss my plans and hopefully draw the attention of potential sponsors.


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