We all know that the internet is probably the most knowledgeable gadget in the history of mankind – well, technically next to te human brain. We, humans are created with this thing called “curiosity” – CURIOSITY is the beginning of everything. We create questions and we seek answers. Now, answers an be found by just a click of a button or a tap on the screen. Where’s the fun in that?

For me, the best way to have your queries answered is by bluntly asking a real person and you’ll be surprised to have answers in full details – plus an addition of human interaction, which is, of course, our nature. Heck, we are genuinely “people-persons.”


My stay here gave me several answers to questions that I have never even thought of – until now:

#1 How will you know that a hen is a hen and a rooster is a rooster?

Aside from the hen laying eggs and being fat all the time, the true identification lies on their plumbs. Who would have known? Even a young kid living here could tell that difference. I guess I need to learn more.

#2 How are waterfalls naturally made?

Waterfalls are made by the natural erosion of the soil around creeks so, as the soil erodes it leaves the rocks for the water to cascade down.

#3 How are white sands formed?

White sand beaches usually form in tropical or subtropical climates near coral reefs. Coral, crushed seashells, and the skeletal material of marine organisms that live and die near the reef provide the calcium carbonate that becomes the white sand.

#4 Why do fireflies light up at night?

Fireflies glow to lure prey, discourage predators, and most importantly to attract mates.

As the saying goes, “seek and you shall find” – luckily, I did! Amazing experiences, indeed.