All of my work files, travel photos, client database,  and paid applications were wiped out seconds after the screen turned blank. Scratching my head like a complete idiot and simultaneously sipping a cup of mint tea, I suddenly sat completely still and wished for a miracle to happen. Oh boy, there’s no miracle in this type of situation. So, I packed my stuff,  called the nearest computer repair shop, and went on. “What the frac! I’m going to start from scratch?! – the codes, the website back-up files, videos, photos, everything! Panic mode, on!” 🙁



Would you freak out too in this type of mishap? I was barely ready to handle the news that the files in my laptop, Chester, were all jumbled into oblivion. 20 minutes later, I arrived at the repair shop (sweating profusely) and I explained what happened to shop employee “Ricard.” He attended to my needs and told me that he could not guarantee that the files could be recovered. Oh no!

After feeling so awful about myself (and convincing myself that the end is near… haha) and my obvious “relationship” with my gadget, I began writing on a notepad – pouring all of my frustrations, my anger, my missed e-mails, my darn files, my programs – err… everything!


“Shut up, Reg.” my brain told me so. 🙂

Well, long story short… Ricard called and informed me that I could pick up “Chester” right away. (cue hallelujah song on the background) Oh, and the files are all in tact – except for some errors which were inevitable to cure.

I won’t be starting from scratch after all. hahaha 😆 I know this sounds useless… but I have realized that without my laptop… I could not work. No work means no pay. No pay means no travel fund. No travel fund means selling all of my things so that I could go places no nothing. It pays to have everything under control. Learn from a crazy web designer like me. LOL!

Yeah right! We all have those moments! 🙂