They say that sunrise and sunsets look similar. I tried to wake up earlier this morning to have a good view of the sunrise at the beach front. I was a few minutes late. Too bad. It would have been something enchanting. It has been only a few days after I have arrived in this area again and the people were so hospitable. I kept thinking about how it would be like if I am there outside the world. Whould they accept me warmly too?


I have been sitting here under the coconut tree, writing on paper my thoughts about every experience I have encountered while staring at the calm waters of the sea. I could hear children pushing their boats off for a morning ride along the coast, fishermen jumping up and down trying to catch their fish, locals passing by and greeting me with a sweet “Good Morning” – truly, this is by far the most relaxed state I’ve ever been.

If only my life is as beautiful and as simple as the beach – calm, tranquil, and full of ripples. Really. I could stay here for months!