The way of life in some places are very different from the one back home. I believe that’s true. My eating habits changed here so far and I have grown accustomed to their practices: 7am coffee and bread, 9am heavy breakfast, 12pm lunch, 3pm coffee and food of choice, and 7pm dinner. It’s been the same every single day. Looks like I’ll be packing the pounds then because rice is totally the center of every viand. Haha! But I eat in moderation here – even if there are meals in between meals!


Good thing I’m in a setting where crops and other easy to harvest food are quick to find: bananas, melons, mangoes, jackfruits, coconuts, guavas, papayas, sweet potatoes – your pick of fruits and vegetables! If this was in the city, I’ll be crunching a lot of bills to spend for these. Here? Fresh and totally affordable. I know now why my father loves to visit his hometown if he has the time. Everything is fresh! Even the fish and the chicken and the seaweeds we had for lunch. Accessibility of resources is truly something wonderful.

Sleeping time goes around at 8pm – lights are off at this point. Usual waking hours are around 5-6am. You could even see fishermen readying their boats. People rely on simple modes of communication. Mobile phones are mostly used here and probably some households have landline phones. Exercise is no problem too. You should see me do a 2 kilometer walk along the coast everyday. Wow. Traveling is so much fun when you learn at the same time!