It was 3am and the boat vibrations were still lulling me to sleep. My bladder was really full and I had an urge to urinate. So, I stood up with pride, walking pass the sleeping room mates of mine, battling with the inertia and my dwindling half-asleep-half-awake mode, I managed to enter the men’s – oops!!! No, I managed to enter the women’s bathroom with such drunken grace. LOL! 🙂

squat toilets

Just as I was about to sit comfortably on the toilet… I noticed something rather different. It was not your ordinary Flush Toilet Bowl where you just sit on it an make your “deposit” – It was a Squat Toilet! Ugh! 🙂 – I thought these toilets were obsolete since the last time I set eyes on those was in grade school. Lol! 😛

Using a Squat Toilet

Instead of a sitting position (as we were accustomed to), do a squatting position – you place your foot on the sides of the toilet. Place them slightly further apart around the hole. Let your thighs nearly hit your calves. Aim. Deliver. haha! 🙂

Squat toilets are common here in the Philippines but it is not everyday you get to use them. Here’s to another joyous session in the boat bathroom. Lol! 🙂