You should have seen me when I was trying to find a perfect spot for a mobile network reception. I was literally waving my phone upwards and sideways just to see the bars increase. I wanted to call my family to see how they are doing – without the only daughter by their side, that is. I guess I miss them a little bit. Haha. Permit me to feed my sense of security. So, yeah. People are always staring. It’s funny when each bar blinks – I have that smirk on my face and an imaginary sun dance in my head.


This is really it. Sooner or later I may be staying a few weeks in some other country. I may not even bother to check my phones anymore because of network differences. Boo, but there’s always skype! And I wish my father would learn how to use it so that we can talk via the internet. Lol.

Tomorrow I’ll be taking the 2am bus ride to Bacolod City and then an 8am boat ride to Iloilo City. That leaves me a few hours to pack my stuff again and head to Cebu City. This week will be long – maybe even longer!