Day 247: Every Darn Peso Counts!

The challenge? Six Hundred Pesos for Two Days in the City of Smiles! 😮

I was invited by a friend to go to Bacolod to attend the opening of a their “milk tea house” along the 21st Street BS Aquino Drive. Of course I went! Who would turn down an offer like that? The only problem was I only had Php600 literally in my pocket.

To break it down a bit further, from the Iloilo port, I already spent Php40 for my fare, Php410 for my round trip ILO-BCD-ILO ticket via “OJ” Ocean Jet, and Php20 for the terminal fee. That left me with Php130 to spend in Bacolod City – I thought I’d die with that predicament. 🙁

How will you be able to survive the trip if there’s only that limited amount of money on you?

Thankfully, we were very lucky enough to be picked up from the pier to the Dream 21 Building. Thank you Manang Ace and Manang Say! I really enjoyed that FREE ride to tell you the truth. I met new friends, owners of the newly opened TrEA House that I was talking about.

trea house bacolod

My good friend, RJ!

Being present in an opening of a new branch was simply a feeling of joy – I am so happy for them and for the start of something amazing for their business. The priest blessed the place and the owners as well. Food was served and it was another “Oh Thank You Lord moment.” I spent the whole afternoon there – observing, blending in, getting to know the people, enjoying fruit juices, tasty pastries, the view, everything! 😉

Later that evening, we splurged ourselves with Korean cuisine at Sodam. It’s all about the chili sauce and your reflex in drinking your water. Lol! I spent Php100 because my good friend covered the additional Php40. 😀 “Thank You Lord moment!”

trea house bacolod view

The view from the 2nd Floor – Hello Riverside! 🙂

After some crazy time again back at the milk tea house, we went to my friend’s house for a good night’s rest. “Lord, thank you for tucking that Php30 in my pocket.” Imagine if you only have Php30 – where on Earth will you spend the night, huh? 🙁 I was very fortunate! Thank you so much Drem! You’re a lifesaver!

The next morning came, we woke up, ate our brunch, fixed ourselves, and went back to the TrEA House for the last time before catching our trip back home. I spent nothing… I still have that Php30 inside my pocket – all secure… all safe… Because that Php30 is the only money I have.

abs cbn bacolod

With my friends and newly found friends posing at the ABS-CBN Bacolod premises. 😛

I arrived home with a great smile. At the end of the day, I still managed to put that Php30 in my “Travel Fund” box. Life is so awesome during not-so-awesome times! 🙂

If you think going around different places is such a ravishing way of life – with all those fantasy dreams involving elegant 5-star Hotels, expensive French bistros, and stunning views from a cabana overlooking the white sand beach… Please consider thinking again.

Why? A “Fat Wallet” doesn’t guarantee anything. Believe me! It may be fat now – but it will become “stick-thin” soon! 🙂 That’s one of the lessons I have learned.


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  1. Buti you have manlilibres! 😛

  2. I am very much lucky to have them 🙂 ehehhe! Saan next lakad mo? 🙂

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