I haven’t gotten any sleep at all because of the 2am bus ride I’ll be catching in order to have that 8am boat trip back home. Well, it was a good thing I had an uninterrupted sleep while the bus was mobile. I was dead tired at that point. When I opened my eyes, I was now at the terminal ready to be heading off to the pier. This is where I will conclude that it is better to have an early morning travel if you need to sit on a four hour bus like mine. Plus the fact that it is cooler around that time.

I can’t get that look off my face when every local there asks me if I am from Manila or if I am expecting to see some tourist spots. It’s flattering and maybe it is the way I am all dressed up and my heavy bag setting comfortably on my back – complete with all the water bottle on the side, a travel hat, and a phone on my hand. Really, I don’t know why they treat me as such but all I wanted was to blend in. I guess I failed in the “blending in” part. Haha.

bus terminal

So yes I am excited to go home and feel the softness of my bed – Oh I miss it so bad! And again, tomorrow I will be sailing to Cebu City once more. I’m off to see the world one place at a time.