Yesterday was confusing. Our first flight was at 8AM to Davao and about 5 hours after smelling the atmosphere of the “king of fruits” – Durian, we then boarded to another plane to Cagayan de Oro (CDO). It felt like we were this bunch of kids that are really up for anything as long as we could head back home “ALIVE.” haha! Another journey begins. 😉

CDO Airport

We were dead tired when we arrived in CDO. The long pre-departure wait was chopping down our adrenaline. It was already night time when we set foot on the city of Golden Friendship. Luckily, as we went to the airport exit, we found a cab and with no hesitation, we headed straight to Budgetel.

All those tired eyes and body aches were relieved when I rested for several hours – a well deserved SLEEP. Upon waking up, it felt as if I only slept in Davao but in reality, we are now in CDO. My mind is confused and as early as 6AM, I am ready for a day that will be filled with so much adventure!


Boo-yah! 🙂 – Photo Credits to Jed Cortez

This will mark the highlight of the CDO leg: Ziplines and White Water Rafting! In short, the do-or-die kind of phase in our plan in Mindanao. To tell you the truth, it is my first time to do everything… and my golly it was incredibly amazing!

Sore muscles! Aaack! 😛