I worked on our itinerary for our 6-day Davao adventure days prior to the starting date, November 21. We had several debates as to whether we will be going to Camiguin, or ditch the Water Rafting, or ditch the Camiguin adventure and go back to Davao then embark on another journey to Samal Island. Those debates made our trip very productive – since most of the pre-planned itineraries were crossed out, interchanged, and replaced as the days roll by. And we played the game of chance!

Coffee Works

Today, we have several hours to spare in CDO. I am suffering from body malaise because of my hyperactivity while enduring the 21 White Water Rapids yesterday. Well, it was all worth it! I am alive, aren’t I? lol. As recommended by a friendly lady in Monster Kitchen, near the Cathedral and Gaston Park, we should try Coffee Works – it was just a Motorela ride away and it has free wifi – a heavenly place for us to plan for our next trip the day after today.


Us trying to fit inside the motorela 🙂

“What the Frack is a Motorela?” Hahaha! I chuckled when she mentioned the word. Well, it was their modified version of a tricycle. Just like the ones in Dumaguete, it could hold up to 5 or 6 passengers (plus with baggage)… Simply amazing! Not to mention, it’s a cheap ride at only Php7 each. lol

At Coffee Works, we stayed there while waiting for the hours to pass before we check in for our flight back to Davao at 5PM. Luckily, my friends were very “techy” enough to bring their trusted iPads, iPhones, and Blackberry Phones – which I don’t own a single one of the three. Lol! 😛 So, we researched about Samal and did another itinerary draft that could accommodate us and tour us around without worrying about taking the local transportation – our general problem since we have a lot of baggage.


With all seriousness …

An hour or so later, we found a cheap place to stay and we asked about the packages offered to fit our needs. Now, that’s my cue to talk to Kuya Marlon. From the package price of Php7000, to Php4900, to Php8350, to the final Php7100 which perfectly fits our budget and tour in mind: Bat Cave, White House, Falls, Unlimited use of Facilities, Boat Transfer. The plan was set and everything was booked for the next day. No more worries! 🙂

CDO Airport

Big Thanks to Jed Cortez for the Photo!

Were all set for tomorrow thanks to coffee, milk tea, malunggay pastels, free wifi, and of course, the art of haggling. 🙂