Remember my dilemma at packing and me being a virgin at backpacking? I suppose this still covers it. Although, I am trying my best to fit into the culture of being an expert at traveling light. Haha! 🙂 At 8:45AM, we are now here in Ramon Magsaysay Park, just  near the Sta. Ana Wharf – probably just a 15-minute walk or a 2-minute tricycle ride. 🙂

Laundry in Samal Island

While still there in Samal Island, I took the liberty of washing my clothes considering the following elements of the environment: 1) It was windy 2) There are a few visitors so I could stay long in the shower 3) My clothes will probably be dry by the time I wake up the next morning… Guess what? It did not! So I had to pack them in a plastic bag, bring my semi-wet-semi-dry articles to Davao and hang them in Ramon Magsaysay Park.

Luckily, it was a sunny day.

Laundry at Magsaysay Park

My friends were discussing something after a “Carinderia” breakfast along the park. I was walking alone around the park and then I saw my friend, Carl, taking “Instagram-worthy” pictures. Both of us circled the park and we met three great kids strolling. I was done taking the photo of the monument and so we hung out with these three grade school kids.

I even learned a new word: “Nashowata” which means “Gwapo ka” (You are handsome). Donna Mae mentioned this when she saw the men in our group. As for us women, the kids, Rosalie and Apple Mae all together said “Gwapa ka” (You are beautiful) to us. We all smiled and we bought them breakfast.

The Kids

These kids were living in the shanties just across us. A decent meal wouldn’t hurt anybody anyway. 😉

Donna Mae even managed to make a joke. She said… “Puno ka ba?” (Are you a tree?) I happily asked “Bakit?” (Why?) And she answered “Dahil marami kang ugat!” (Because you have a lot of roots/veins!) She laughed and laughed. I just realized that she was pointing at my feet. My veins are pretty much visible. Lol! I just laughed with them.

My clothing articles dried up and I packed them back to my bag. Now we’re headed to SM Lanang. 🙂