On the 6th day of this Mindanao Adventure, everybody is now experiencing overall body malaise, fatigue, and most of all, struggling in the verge of bankruptcy! Well, what can you expect from pre-planned slash unexpected plans from our itinerary and budget? It was a roller-coaster ride of positives and negatives in our budget that some of us even withdrawn from respective banks just to get back home safe. Lol. 🙄 I guess all of those non-stop trips, treks, frolics, flights, and local commutes, pounded our bodies so hard that we are all semi-desperate to get back home and make love to our beds! 🙂

We’re here in the airport en route to Iloilo, reminiscing the overloaded experiences that we had, the mishaps, the meet-ups, the fun, the immense freedom that we felt, the independence – in short, the post college life! We exemplified the coined acronym, YOLO to it’s finest – “You Only Live Once.”

My Friends are Dead Tired!

As I am writing this, my friends, Carl, Drem, RJ, and Jed, are sleeping while waiting for our plane to arrive. As for me? I am recalling everything that we did. From the Nothern Mindanao to the Southern Mindanao, we bombarded ourselves with experiences like no other. “Live while you’re still young!” 😀

Home Bound

I may have several hundreds left in my pocket now, but everything was absolutely worth it! What’s money anyway? It comes and it goes. But for experiences? It only comes and NEVER goes.

I can’t wait for another trip around the Philippines soon! 🙂