I am in Cebu not for the purpose of discovering the whole island, but because I volunteered at a Young Life Organization as a Work Crew. Basically, I paid for the transportation and accommodation expenses in order to help out the staff and facilitators of the club in terms of “manual” labor. By manual labor, I mean scrubbing toilets, doing kitchen work, preparing the dining hall, washing the dishes all for the 200 people present. Everything done thrice a day for 5 days. I call it “Serving God” through labor. Everything is for His greater glory.


Of course, I promised myself to be open to new opportunities and when one door opened, I instantly grabbed it with no hesitation whatsoever. Then it turns out, I have to do some things that I never ever wanted to do (at home)! I got myself into a realm of doubt.

Honestly, I never wash the dishes at home. Never. These hands of mine are very fragile and then came an hour of cleaning up dirty plates, bowls, cups, utensils, I became nervous. Imagine me doing that for a week. Now, that’s an adventure! haha!