I had a great sleep and I had dreams of my adventures across the borders. It was fun but when I woke up, that dream vanished into thin air. Now I had this thought in my head saying “Will I be able to reach my estimated hypothetical money in time?” Next week I will start talking to different people and email other world travelers to ask them of their opinion. Maybe they could be of great help with this type of life-changing decision.

Will I spend all of my money just to travel the world? Tough question because when I would eventually come home, I will not have anything left. Oops! This is something to think about too. Today is the second day and I am feeling so excited to go and be a traveler. Like in the song “Moon River” I will definitely cross it in style SOMEDAY! hahaha. Too much thinking of this project made me focused. I don’t know how that is working but I truly am.

Let me pour my insights about my financial crisis.

I don’t know how to save. Well, not that I don’t really know, but often times my money could not stay in my wallet for a long period of time. Even the ones in my bank account. This reality will never take me to my goal. So, I decided to keep my ATM card and promised myself not to use it – probably only for emergencies.

I need to be dedicated to my work at all times in order for me to be motivated in reaching that dream and shall we say the “hypothetical money” that I was aiming for. This is not a sick joke that will be forgotten a few months from now. I am being serious and this is the first time that I am atually certain about something in my life. Look at what I had in college? I took a course that I did not like but then I was stupid and lazy so I finished it and ended up with nothing but some knowledge in nursing and nursing practices.

Right now I am thinking about starting a blog to document my planning stage and so far I have been studying the possible names that I will be using. Also, I will rebuild my design website to attract potential clients as well. This will be a fun and “tiring” ride considering the amount of stress that I will be expecting to deal with sooner or rather now! haha!