Day 34: Road Trip Tuesday

It is now sinking in that I am back to the city where I spend most of my time “working” rather than be somewhere else. It sucks. This is reality. I read through my day’s schedule – that was the first thing I did when I woke up earlier. Sheesh. Talk about two weeks away from the busy lifestyle. I honestly wish it was for a year! Haha! Oops.


So, anyway, while I was busy doing my complaining and my random rants of “I should be doing this and that…” my friend, Carl, called me up to grab a cup of coffee around 5 in the afternoon. What the heck? I left all of my “responsibilities” and hoped that this so-called COFFEE would turn into some kind of adventure (which I was longing to have)! To cut things short, it was not just coffee after all. It was an unexpected roadtrip from the urban scene to the suburbs. I was so happy! Thank God!


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  1. OMG! just found out that this is the side mirror of my car… hahaha

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