695 days to go before I embark on a life-changing journey around the globe. With all that excitement bottled inside of me, I could not resist browsing into Google Maps. I was looking at the streets that I have been to, the places I visited, not to mention all those countries that I would want to somehow set foot on – Yes, I was that that crazy! Probably delirious.

Who cares? It’s a risk I would want to take. Based on the previous treks I made, I was even more excited than I used to be. I love the feeling of strapping a bag on my back. I love walking and exposing myself to the sun. I love taking pictures from different angles. I love experiencing new modes of transporation! Most of all, I love being so liberated!


Yes. Anywhere! – The Ruins found at Guisi, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras.

Months from now, I could be anywhere! This is one thing that I will not joke about. The feeling is superb and I love every bit of it!