So far, I have published 46 posts, 5 pages, 13 categories, and around 150 tags. Surprisingly, I also have readers that had brought the rank of this site from a 355 to now, a 343 – With that, I am already happy. It has been such a ride. I have managed to create a Facebook fan page for Between Coordinates and it reached 92 likes in a span of 3 days. 87 people are talking about it and 1,760 people are reached through Facebook. Hopefully, this will grow even more.


With regards to site traffic, I have an average of 15 pageviews and 17 unique visitors per day and I think it is a good start. Most of the articles published are my personal insights or “troubles” I faced from the previous days. I have several more that is not opinionated but rather a tale of my trek around different places. That’s still under construction, though, since the backlogs are the first thing on my priorities.

If you are reading, I would like to Thank You for your support! 🙂