Now that I have in place, I could place some text and photos as well as create the site logo and other important blog elements to make it live for a few months. Maybe later I could add keywords and adsense plus some link within plugins. Wish me luck. I will call the site “Between Coordinates” since this would entail my geographic location.┬áPlus the name sounds good. I have a raw plan in place and some notes beside me but hopefully I could pull this off. I am also planning on monetizing The Ilongga site via local establishments. Haha! This project is on the go!

What are the contents of Between Coordinates?

Well, since I could not afford to travel the world as of the moment, I would might as well put some local Philippines destination to draw some visitors. Right? Then, I will be constantly be updating the “World Travel Plans” or maybe “Pre-World Travel” page with texts like these to inform those who are reading through my blog. Another would be like a countdown. I will also be writing about all the PLANNING phase so that they could bear with me and may find it useful for future travels. Right? And on another note, they could appreciate Philippines as well. Maybe I will put the Department of Tourism badge on one corner to promote tourism and hope that the crawler will pick up my site in a few weeks.

Started now with the Logo and the rest of the elements of the site. Basically it will be as simple and as presentable as possible with probably no plans of hosting ads as of the moment because I find it too assuming. Let’s get to work. Colors are shades of blue, green, magenta, and black for that cool feel.