I am not an expert in blogging, although I did multiple blog entries in some of my websites, which I do for fun and for my writing freedom too – but those are not really “niche articles.” Just like learning how to solve complex mathematical equations, I placed myself as the student of those who are what I call “professional bloggers.” I learn from them – from the structure of an article to the labeling of photos to the inline links, it was like I was in Journalism class all over again.

sunset at cebu

Everyday I write and everyday I evaluate myself – grammar, spelling, choice of words, topic organization, style, what else? I read from other blogs, I get inspired from some of the more influential people, and I prepare for another blogging spree the day after. I think this enables me to build a good foundation for something that is of use in the future. 🙂 Let’s just hope I don’t sound so “annoying” in my entries. That would probably be awful. Haha 🙂