I did 5.17 miles of photo walking along the sidewalks of Iloilo City today. My personal challenge was to do it without spending any money – but sometimes there are just circumstances that will make you take the other option. So, I used up my only 20 peso bill for two jeepney rides. Haha! Don’t ask why. 😛


This was my route.

iloilo bridge

ILOILO: “My City, My Pride!”

The feeling was amazing. Taking snapshots of infrastructures that I never had the chance of actually staring at for more than 10 seconds was really something new. Normally, people who take the cab or who are mobile all the time could not appreciate these things… I felt the texture of a brick wall surrounding an old, Spanish-inspired house in Jaro – a texture that is very different from what it appears. All these things a normal passerby could not even notice. I guess I just did. 🙂

spanish heritage house

Maybe I should do this weekly. My next personal challenge is hitting the 10-mile mark! 8)