The words LIVE, WORK, and TRAVEL is something like… me carrying a laptop, doing my web design work in any part of the world, looking over breathtaking sceneries, hiking into a wild forest, experiencing local cultures, meeting new people, tasting exotic cuisine, and being in a different city. It sounds interesting and I find it possible. Although, I might sound ambitious. 😛


At the Trappist Monastery in Guimaras. (September 2011)

A digital nomad is someone who is independent, someone who prefers to see the world rather than pile his/her earnings in the bank and obviously waiting for something to spend it on. A digital nomad is enriched by experience and friendship – this could be for me! I mean, booking flights is as easy as making a few clicks and you are ready for another plane ride to somewhere marvelous. Thank you, Globalization!

I may start venturing to “near” locations first – to see if I could live with this lifestyle. Probably, I could. But we’ll see. For now, I’ll be enjoying my 730 days of planning for an ultimate trip around the world. 😀 Who knows? I may be in India, designing the website of a Canadian client while feasting my eyes on the famous Taj Mahal. 8)