While we were having a nice conversation along the road, under the awning of a little cafe, my father was wondering why I was always hyped, always dressed up for an adventure, always having that smirk on my face. He asked me where I was headed to. I said, “I’ll be going somewhere fascinating.” Then he looked at my hand, where the camera was strapped on. “Ah! You’ll be taking pictures again!” he said in vernacular.


“Somewhere fascinating.” – Villa Igang, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras

My father is a professional photographer. Indeed, a great one! Though, he is a businessman by profession, his hobby is something he is passionate about and that I could brag to the whole world. He probably thinks I wanted to follow his passion, but what he does not know is that I travel not just to take pictures, I travel to live with excitement and joy. I hope he could feel the things that he could not feel by seeing through the viewfinder alone. Photography is keeping memories. Traveling is making memories. 🙂